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Greetings, teachers! Welcome to your one-stop Sunday School lesson guide and index.

Whether you are a professional or a volunteer children's worker, your time and efforts are invaluable. Our index of free Sunday School lessons and helps is here to make you the most of both for every Sunday, weekly meeting, or special event you hold.

With our Sunday School lesson guide, you’ll find it easy to locate just the right lesson and supplementary material you need. If you know what Bible story or passage you're looking for, simply browse the list on this page. If you're looking for a topic, enter it into the Search box for an immediate list of free children's Bible lessons to choose from.

Multiple lessons on a single story or topic are ideal for teaching a series of lessons, or for choosing what you want to emphasize in each story.

And remember, these Sunday School lesson helps aren't just for Sunday School. Each lesson can be used in kids church, as a children's sermon, or as a family devotional as well.

We add new, free children's Sunday School and Bible lessons every week, so be sure to check back often.

Our Sunday School Lesson Guide Covers the Entire Bible
Our free children's Sunday School lesson index is organized chronologically, and by Holidays to help you quickly locate exactly what you're looking for and to plan series of lessons if you wish. Our Sunday School lesson index has something from every part of the Bible and we continue to add to our listings to cover any passages not yet included.

Sunday School Lessons We Index are Based in Scripture
Our Sunday School lesson guide is respectful of different church traditions while maintaining a traditional view of Scripture and a historic understanding of the Christian faith. Our goal is to be faithful to Scripture and to provide children's workers with a safe place to resource quality, free children's Bible lessons.

All Sunday School Lessons Listed Are Free of Charge
As Jesus told His disciples, “Freely you have received; freely give.” You don't have to pay to use the Sunday School lessons we feature in our guide. We don’t believe people should be charged in their work of sharing the Gospel.

We do publish our original children's Bible lessons in print and ebook formats if you would rather use them that way than online, but logging into the site from your mobile device or printing the lessons beforehand seems to work just as well for most people.

Part of your calling is teaching children. Let us help you fulfill that calling by providing what you need to find the best free children's Bible lessons.

Each list has the chapters represented by our current index next to the subject. We may have a list of resources for a book, but that list doesn't always cover the entire book yet. (We update every week, so check back often!)

If you have any ideas for how our Sunday School lesson guide could be improved, please leave me a message in the Comments section below. My desire is to make this the best resource for you that it can be.

I also invite you to submit your own free children's Bible lessons for inclusion on the site. We'll feature it with your name on it and it will be used to teach children God's truths all over the world.

Thank you, and may God's Spirit continue to be with your spirits every time you teach!
Rev. Steve Wilson

Intro Lesson

Genesis and Job

Creation and Adam and Eve - 4 lessons on  why God created the world, what it means to be made in the image of God, why God made us male and female, and what it means to take care of God's creation

The Fall - includes a drama to read with your class, 2 object lesson activities, and 2 games along with links to other resources I recommend using

Cain and Abel - my lesson on the “fall out” from the Fall with a story about Adam and Eve’s very different sons, Cain and Abel. The object lesson and story game at the end will help students connect the Biblical lesson to their lives. 

Noah's Ark and the Flood - 3 lessons about Enoch, the Flood, and Noah’s mistake   

Tower of Babel and Job - These two lessons teach kids about giving the glory to God and putting our hope in the one who brings

Abraham -7 lessons on the major stories from Abraham's life

Isaac -includes a lesson on prayer and a lesson about being a peacemaker

Jacob and Esau - 2 lessons on how Jacob tricked Esau and how Esau forgave Jacob

Joseph - 2 lessons on Joseph being sold as a slave and Joseph forgiving his brothers

Exodus - Joshua

Preparing for the Exodus - includes 3 lessons on the midwives who refused to listen to Pharaoh, Moses' mother saving baby Moses, and God speaking to Moses from the burning bush.

The Exodus - includes 3 lessons on the ten plagues and crossing the Red Sea, God giving the people manna, and God helping the Israelites win their first military battle as Moses raised his hands in prayer to the Lord.

40 Years in the Desert - includes 3 lessons on the golden calf, Moses seeing God's back, and Moses' radiant face after spending time with God.

Building the Nation - includes 3 lessons on the Tabernacle, the cloud and pillar of fire, and God confirming Moses and Aaron as the leaders in Korah's rebellion

Entering the Promised Land - includes 4 lessons on Balaam and the talking donkey, the bronze serpent, the death of Moses, and the walls of Jericho

The Ten Commandments: Loving God - includes 4 lessons covering why God gives us rules and the first 5 of the Ten Commandments

The Ten Commandments: Loving Others - includes 6 lessons covering the last 5 of the Ten Commandments and a summary lesson on following the Ten Commandments by loving God and loving others



Samuel and the Kings

Psalms, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, Song of Solomon

The Prophets

Exile and Return

Jesus and the Gospels

Advent and Christmas Lessons - includes 7 lessons covering the birth of John the Baptist, the announcement to Mary, the announcement to Joseph, the birth of Jesus and the announcement to the shepherds, Jesus' presentation in the Temple, the visit of the Wise Men, and the boy Jesus staying behind at the Temple



Holiday and Seasonal Lessons

In the Classroom