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Christian Card Games

- Alpha/Omega - This one's ours. We're kind of partial to it. Plus, you can play it for free. Check it out!

- Bible Battles - A versus battle simulation Christian card game. 

- Redemption - This is the longest running two-player Christian card game and has a wide variety of cards available to build your deck. The main drawback is the one-goal objective.

- Timestream: The Remnant - Here's another one by Cactus Games. I actually like it a little better than Redemption, even though it's not as popular, because you have more of an objective. You're traveling back to Bible times to witness Biblical events. 

- The Mission - Again from Cactus Games, this one is a completely modern game dealing with the contemporary Christian life: temptations and triumphs. It's the most practical Christian card game I've seen for daily application. They're sold out of starter decks, but you can build your own deck from the booster packs.

- Noah's Quest Christian Card Game

- Principality

- Unity

Christian Video Games

Action / RPG
- The Pilgrim's Progress - This is a fun game with simple but clean graphics telling the classic Paul Bunyan allegory in an RPG style. It's a good one for engaging action and your spiritual mind at the same time. 

- Left Behind: Tribulation Forces - Good action, great graphics, amazing price! This is a fun game where you can play missions with different characters in classic action gameplay.

- Axys Adventures: Truth Seeker - This is one of the best Christian video games in the Action / RPG genre.The graphics leave a little to be desired (it's a few years old), but the story is intriguing and the game play is phenomenal. You're battling monsters with your sword and figuring out puzzles like you would in the best Action RPG games.

- Bible Game - This is a fun one to play with your friends. You're competing against up to 3 other players or the computer on a game show and answering trivia questions or playing mini games for points. There's a lot of variety in the content and the mini games themselves. I'd definitely recommend as a group game.

- Ominous Horizons: A Paladin's Calling - This first-person medieval shooter RPG is simply fantastic. Granted, it's a few years old now so the graphics are a little simple, but it's still fun. You're battling demons and Satan's horde to recover pages of Scripture so that it can be printed for the first time.

- Adam's Venture: Episode 1: The Search for the Lost Garden
- Adam's Venture: Episode 2: Solomon's Secret 
- Adam's Venture: Episode 3: Revelations 

- Super Noah's Ark 3D 

- Eternal War: Shadows of Light 

Visions Alpha  

- Heaven - This has great graphics and has you running all over a Biblically accurate Heaven, meeting people and angels, and solving puzzles.

- Keys of the Kingdom - This is a fun one for those who like movement puzzles. You solve the puzzle by blowing up blocks and moving the key to the lock. Sounds simple, but it does make you think. It also displays a new Bible verse every time you defeat a puzzle.

- Left Behind: Eternal Forces - This is a cool strategy game that uses spiritual weapons as you fight against the Anti-Christ and his forces. The graphics are well done and there's potential for a lot of repeat game play. You can also play online with other players.

- Dance Praise

Christian Board and Party Games

- Cranium: Bible Edition - One of my absolute favorite group games. It has everything from charades and pictionary to trivia and word puzzles.

- Bible Taboo - Get your teammates to guess the right word by giving them verbal clues. You just can't say the most obvious words.

- Apples to Apples: Bible Edition - One person says a word and the others use the cards in their hand to try to best match that word. Like the original game, this version is hilarious, and can be thought-provoking as well.

- The Ungame: Christian Version - Answer questions while racing around the board. It's a great conversation starter.

Outburst: Bible Edition - Here's a good one for team play. Each clue has ten answers. Test your Bible knowledge as a team to get as many of those ten as you can.

- Guesstures: Bible Edition - A fun team charades game in which you race against the timer to get as many cards correctly guessed per round.

- Scattergories: Bible Edition - This is a fun thinking party game. You have different categories and you have to think of a word that starts with the chosen letter that round to match as many categories as possible. If you think of more than everyone else, you win. Just don't think of the same answer as someone else or they'll cancel each other out.

- Mad Gab: Bible Edition - This game is hilarious. You read a card that sounds like something, but reads like gibberish. Your team then gives you clues to help you guess what you're supposed to be saying. It's a very neat concept. Give it a try!

- Solomon's Temple - Race against your opponent to be the first to build your temple. While you're trying to get it done, you'll also have to fight off the Babylonians, sacrifice for your people's sins, and attend to other national matters that a king of Israel would have dealt with.

- Faith and Redemption - I love this game. First, you race to get the animals on the ark before the flood starts, then you travel the board seeking to avoid sins and convert as many people as possible. You have prayer and Scripture cards to help you along the way. Of course, landing on certain squares grants you bonuses as well, including forgiveness for sin cards you may have picked up during the game.

- Settlers of Canaan - This edition of Settlers of Catan puts you in the shoes of one of the tribes of Israel, trying to settle your territory and organize the national capital of Jerusalem. If you like civilization building games, this one's for you.

- The Journeys of Paul - Strategize against the other players to see if you can build more churches in the places Paul visited.

- Bibleopoly - Like Monopoly except totally different. In this game, you help your fellow players and build a church. Very fun idea that turns Monopoly on its head.

- The Life of Christ - Follow Jesus' life around the board as you answer multiple choice questions to advance. A very good game for review and teaching.

- Inklings - This is a fun individual or team trivia game. The cards give you clues, but if you guess the right answer before all the clues have been given, you get more points. Of course, you could risk all the points by getting it wrong...

- Redemption: City of Bondage - This is a very cool game. You enter the city and engage in spiritual warfare. Each enemy falls to your faith, wisdom, or good deeds.

Bible Trivia Apps

- The Bible Trivia Game - A good mix of easy and more difficult multiple questions. The nice thing is that it shows you the Bible verse the question came from if you want more information.

- Bible Trivia: Guess Who I Am - An interesting way to learn. The people describe themselves and you're given multiple choices to choose the right person. The ones you get wrong come back in a little while to give you another chance. It doesn't give you the answer straight off, but you'll remember the answer once you get it right.

- Bible Reference Game - This one could be a little challenging, but it definitely helps put Scripture in context. It gives you a Bible verse and multiple choices as to what book, chapter, and verse it comes from. It's a good one if you want to learn where to find certain verses.

- People of the Bible Quiz - This is another good one for learning/remembering who people in the Bible are. It gives you the clues about the person and multiple choices. If you get it wrong, it tells you the answer so you can look it up or remember it for next time.

- Bible Trivia - Famous Passages - This is another good chapter and verse quiz app. It gives you the verse and you have to select the correct multiple choice answer for the reference. The ones you answer wrong keep coming back until you get them right, so it won't let you not learn ;-)

- Bible Trivia - I REALLY like this one. It doesn't give you multiple choices. It asks you a question. You think about it and then hit the button to see the correct answer along with the Scripture reference. There's also a good mix of basic and more difficult questions. Give this one a try.

- Bible Trivia Challenge - This is an interesting app. It gives you a Bible verse and you either have to select the appropriate words to fill in the blanks or decide if the verse has been given correctly in a True or False format. The only thing I don't like about it is that it doesn't give the reference for the verse.

- Old Testament Trivia - The graphics and sound on this one is really nice. It plays an instrumental hymn as you play. It also asks a good variety of multiple choice questions. Two drawbacks are that it doesn't tell you the right answer when you get one wrong and some of the wording is awkward. You can tell it wasn't written by a native English speaker. Still, not bad for the price.

Bible Word Puzzles, Crosswords, and Word Find Apps

 - Word Puzzle for the Christian Soul is an interesting app. The letters of a Bible verse are scrambled and you have to arrange the letters correctly by moving them within their vertical columns. It definitely makes you think, and once you've worked so hard figuring out the verse, it's sure to stick a little deeper in your brain afterward.

Christian Casual Game Apps

- Bible Slots - You can play slots on different machines themed to books of the Bible or Biblical events. But why would you want to?

Christian Children's Games

- Noah's Ark Interactive Bible Storybook for Kids - great art and mini games that tell the story of Noah's Ark.

- Jesus Christ RPG - Baby Jesus

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