Saturday, March 21, 2015

The Best Teaching Tips for Sunday School and Kids Minstry

Use these Sunday school lesson tips, tactics, and strategies to help inspire and guide your lesson planning! God bless!

Teaching Tips
  • Turn Around This Ministry - How do you deal with difficult volunteer helpers? Children's Ministry Magazine has some ideas that might help you confront difficult people in a loving way.
  • Solving (Sunday Morning) Chaos - If leading Sunday school leaves you stressed rather than excited, you might find some of Barbara Vogelgesang's solutions helpful to you.
  • Solving the Volunteer Crisis - This article by Thomas W. McKee can help you understand how you can increase your number of volunteering helpers.
  • Welcome Packets - It's important to make sure that every parent and child that comes through your Sunday School program understands what you're doing, why it matters, and why they matter. Jane Yarbrough explains one of the ways that her church has successfully communicated this to parents.
  • Welcome Pack Ideas for Kids Church – Use these ideas for welcome packs by Mimi Bullock to help new children break the ice and feel at home in the new environment.
  • Fantastic Follow-Up - How should you follow-up with parents and children who check out your church? Children's Ministry Magazine has some ideas that you might find useful.
  • 29 Time Crunchers - If you struggle to manage time in your Sunday School class, consider some of these tips and ideas from Jennifer Hooks.
  • Making the Bible Irresistible for Kids - Teaching a Sunday School class is about your kids - so how do you present the Bible in a way that is meaningful to children? These 6 tips from Dana Wilkerson should help you get on the right path.
  • Teaching Bible Stories to Preschoolers - Teaching pre-schoolers is definitely different than teaching any other age group. With these 4 tips from Debbie O'Neal, you should be able to clearly communicate who God is to even the youngest pre-schooler.
  • 4 Kid-Friendly Bible Studies - This article from Children's Ministry Magazine should help you find 4 ways to engage children in studying the Bible effectively.

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