Saturday, March 21, 2015

The Best Revelation Online Sunday School Lessons

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Use these Sunday school lessons on John's Revelation to help inspire and guide your lesson planning! God bless!

Revelation Online Sunday School Lessons

  • The Glory of Christ - Revelation 1:1-20 - This in-depth lesson by Rev. Steve Wilson teaches children about the glory of Christ as revealed in the Revelation.
  • The Lion and the Lamb – Revelation 5 – Use this craft and lesson idea from Amy Brown to teach children that Jesus is the lion of Judah, but also the lamb of God.
  • Heaven – Revelation 21-22:5 – This complete lesson plan by Brandi Riddle gives children an understanding of heaven.
  • The New Jerusalem - Revelation 21- Use this lesson by Rev. Steve Wilson to teach children about what their future in heaven might look like.
  • Heaven is Real - Revelation 21:1-4 - This video and lesson by Robert Taylor helps show children a powerful testimony of Heaven's reality.
  • The Water of Life - Revelation 22:17 - Use this object lesson to teach children that we need Jesus in order to live well.

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