Friday, March 13, 2015

The Best Job Online Sunday School Lessons

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Use these Sunday school lessons on Job to help inspire and guide your lesson planning! God bless!

Job Online Sunday School Lessons

  • Through the Bible Series: Job – Book of Job – Use this full lesson plan from TruthforChildren to teach children how Job models and foreshadows Christ's life and death.
  • The Story of Job Sunday School Lesson - children Bible lesson on the entire book of Job – Have Faith, and God will reward you. This great Sunday School lesson on the Book of Job is written by site owner, Rev. Stephen R. Wilson, and goes a long way in teaching children about optimism and faith. “Even though bad things happen to us, God can always make things better,” is a life lesson that we sometimes all forget, and teaching your students this Sunday School lesson about Job will hopefully help to guard their faith, and help them trust God to always make things better.
  • It Must Be Your Fault Sunday School Lesson - the Book of Job – Written by Heidi York on the Sermons 4 Kids site, this Sunday School lesson about the story of Job uses a chess game as an analogy about how God and Satan are always fighting for the hearts of God’s followers. It also helps to teach your students that when bad things happen, it’s not the work of God punishing us, but the work of Satan, trying to make us angry with God.
  • The Story of Job – Job 1-42 – This Sunday school lesson plan from weebly's Free Sunday School Curriculum teaches children that Job still loved God even in the worst of his trials.
  • Gummy Worms - Job 20:14, Psalm 119:103 - Use this object lesson by Mimi Bullock to teach children about the kind of life they are living.
  • God is All Powerful - Job 37-38, Jeremiah 32:17-23 - Use this lesson for toddlers by Kara Jenkins to help teach children that God is all powerful, and can do all things.

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