Monday, December 8, 2014

Devotion on Genesis 6 - Regret

What do you regret in life? What do you wish you could take back, or do over?

Have your regrets for the past taken away your hope for the future?

Even God had regrets. He regretted making humanity. He was going to throw the whole world away and be done with it.

But then He found hope in Noah. Noah's righteous life gave God hope and caused Him to make some changes; to start over, yes, but ultimately to continue on His mission that He had started in this world.

You may have regrets too. You may have things you need to change. You may need to start over. But if you commit to living righteously, like Noah did, you can also have hope that God will be with you and will bless you in your future as you also become a source of hope for Him.

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