Thursday, December 11, 2014

Devotion on Genesis 1 - What God Sees

Genesis 1 tells us that God made humanity in His image. But it wasn't just in His image. It was in Their image. God made us to be an image, or something that looks like, Themselves. We were made to be a type of mirror for God to look into and see Themselves reflected back.

So what does God see when They look at Themselves?

Perfection. Wholeness. Love. Power. Grace, kindness, peace. Perfection. When God the Father looks at God the Son, this is what He sees. When the Spirit looks at the Father, this complete admiration is all there is.

And if God made us to be a reflection of Themselves, what they see in us is all of those qualities shining back at Themselves. This isn't to say that God doesn't see our imperfections and sin, but it is to say that despite that, God still sees Their good, complete qualities in us. They see both at the same time. This is how much God loves and values us. They value us as They value Themselves. And this is what makes Them sacrifice and give Themselves for us. This is what makes us worthy of redemption.

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