Sunday, September 14, 2014

5 Reasons to Play the Christian Trading Card Game Alpha/Omega

Christian Learning
The Christian trading card game Alpha/Omega is inherently Christian, which is its single most important feature. Being based on the Bible and Christian tradition, the players will learn a lot about Christian history, as well as bits and pieces of Biblical trivia.

Cooperative Christian Gameplay
Instead of playing against each other, players can help each other out. The original form of this Christian card game is to be edifying and cooperative, and all players team up against the Opponent Deck.

Similar to how God calls us to help others that don’t know God, or have turned away, help your teammates avoid being Lured Astray or otherwise defeated in this amazing Christian card game.

Symbolic Art
The artistic symbolism in the Christian trading card game Alpha/Omega is phenomenal. From the twisted pictures of the demons on the Opponent cards, to the Opponent card backing being a twisted backward image of the Lord, the artwork on the Opponent deck is very symbolic of how our real life Opponent (Satan) works.

The Good deck’s glorifying of God, heaven, and the Angels, is not only a treat for our eyes, but also a great reminder of how we’re supposed to be playing, working, and living in our lives. That is with God at the center, always glorifying Him.

Living Christian Trading Card Game
Watch for updates to the decks, as the game’s creator, and site owner, Rev. Stephen R. Wilson comes up with new ways to defeat the Opponent. As of the time of writing, only the starter decks have been released, but I for one, can’t wait to try my hand at another objective, with new original Christian trading cards.

Different Gameplay Styles
In addition to the original gameplay, where players team up against the Opponent deck, there are several different ways that you can play this Christian trading card game. So far, these gameplay styles include:

* Opponent Play – where one player (or a team of players) plays as the Opponent deck
* Fast play or extended play – where you change the points needed to reach the objective
* Easy gameplay – where you can change some rules to suit children
* All-or-Nothing – where the objective becomes completely defeating the Opponent Deck
* Campaign mode (not yet available) with multiple objectives in one game

It’s Fun!
Alpha/Omega is by far the most fun Christian card game available. With the ability to play in many different styles, with different decks, and with variable lengths of game, the replay value is better than almost any other game on the Christian market.

Read more on the Alpha/Omega page.

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