Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Alpha/Omega Christian Card Game - Opponent Event Cards

In the Christian trading card game, Alpha/Omega, we have previously discussed the different types of decks, as well as the different types of cards available to each side. This time, we’ll discuss the Opponent Event cards, which can be identified by the scroll in the upper right, and explain their different effects on the game.

Opponent Event Cards Change
The Event Cards in the Opponent Deck are based upon improving the conditions of their position in the field of play. There are two types of ways in which they accomplish this. The first way is to directly affect persons, both good and bad, who are already in play. These cards are (parentheses indicate number of each Christian trading card in each starter deck):

* Infidelity (2): 1 Good Person card is unable to attack
* Despair (2): -2 strength to one Good Person card
* Foolishness (2): One Opponent attacks one Good Person and the next Opponent Person
* Injustice (2): Doubles strength of one Opponent Person for one round, but leaves them at 0 strength the next round
* Wrath (2): +1 strength to one Opponent Person card
* Envy (1): -1 Strength to one Good Person card
* Hail of Iron Globes (6): Roll a six-sided die. Hail of Iron Globes does 5 damage to each Good card for that number of rounds at the beginning of each round.

Each of these cards affect only cards that are already in play and give the Opponent a direct advantage during the turn in which they are played. This allows for increased effectiveness in Luring Astray Good Person cards, giving the Opponent deck a better position for the subsequent turns.

The other way that Opponent Event cards affect the game is to directly influence the drawing of the Opponent deck, or the Good Person deck. These cards can drastically change the outlook of a game. They are (parentheses to show number of each Christian trading card in each starter deck):

* Lucifer Envies God’s Glory (1): Search the Opponent deck for Satan and put him in play if not already played. Shuffle the Opponent deck
* 1/3 of the Angels Fall (6): View the top 3 cards of each Good deck. If any of them are Angels, the first one from each deck joins Opponent play
* Satan Lures Angels (6): Roll a six-sided die. Draw that many cards from the Opponent deck. If there are any Fallen Angels, put them into play

These cards allow the Opponent deck to gain an advantage by quickly playing Fallen Angels onto the field of play. This allows them to quickly overwhelm the Good Persons and Angels in play if not counteracted by Good cards.

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