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Alpha/Omega Christian Card Game - Good Item Cards

When you are playing the Christian trading card game, Alpha/Omega, there are different types of cards, one of which being the item cards. These item cards are marked with a shovel in the upper right hand corner, and they can be equipped by any person unless otherwise stated.

Item Card Rules and Uses
There are many different ways that you can use the Good deck items to your advantage when playing the Christian trading card game, Alpha/Omega. A few of the rules you’ll have to keep in mind when playing item cards include:

* Good person cards can equip Good item cards
* Items have a strength rating, and are discarded when their damage equals their total strength
* They offer the listed benefit to the Good person card, until they are discarded
* You can only equip one person with one of the same types of item card (armor, weapon, etc.)

Good Deck Item Cards
“…a flaming sword, flashing back and forth…” – Genesis 3:24

The Flaming Sword item card has a defensive strength of 3. The Good person card that has the Flaming Sword equipped will have a +4 damage to each of their strikes while they are using Flaming Sword.

The history behind the Flaming Sword is that this was the weapon that God used to protect the Tree of Life from Adam. When Adam had defied God and eaten from the Tree of Knowledge, God could no longer trust Adam, and placed Cherubim at the gates of the Garden of Eden, with the Flaming Sword guarding the path.

“Take up shield and armor. Arise and come to my aid” – Psalm 35:2
Heavenly Armor has a strength of 5, taking the first 5 damage dealt to the Good person card wearing it.

The Armor of God is how we defend ourselves and our spirits from our real life Opponent. In Isaiah 59:17, the Armor is described as a breastplate of righteousness, a helmet of salvation, a mantle of zeal, and garments of vengeance.

“In front of the throne, seven lamps were blazing. These are the seven spirits of God. ” – Revelation 4:5
The Seven Lamps of God offers a +1 bonus to the strength of all Good person cards in play, and has its own defensive strength of 5.

In the Scriptures, the number 7 is often used to describe completeness. The Seven Lamps of God are representative of the sevenfold Spirit that God has. This basically means that God’s Holy Spirit is everything. The spirit of all this is, was, and will be.

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