Saturday, July 5, 2014

Christian Card Game Alpha/Omega - Searching the Deck

In the Christian trading card game, Alpha/Omega, each individual card has its own abilities. Some of these Christian trading cards will allow you to search either your own deck, or the Opponent deck.

Being able to search either deck allows you to either plan ahead, or choose a card to play immediately, and both have their advantages. Planning ahead has the obvious benefit of allowing you to plan your strategy, knowing which of your Christian trading cards to play, and when. Being able to choose a certain card to play immediately allows you the ability to maximize your play for at least one turn, by choosing a card (usually an item) to complement your other cards in play.

In the starter deck alone, there are seven different cards that give you the ability to search a deck. The deck that you’re to search is specified on each of the cards, and could be yours, your team mate’s, or the Opponent.

Search Your Deck!

  • Some of the Angels allow you to search your own deck. When you do this, you have the ability to choose a card to play immediately. The cards that allow you to do this are:
  • Gabriel allows you to find one person card and one item card, to play both immediately
  • Heavenly Host allows you to search your deck and play one angel per turn, if one is in play
  • Apollyon allows you to change the place to Sheol, or play one animal per turn
  • Jophiel allows you to look at the top 5 cards in your deck, immediately playing one of them
  • Sachiel allows each Good player searches their decks for one item, to be played immediately

Search Their Decks!
The following two Christian trading cards will allow you to search a deck that isn’t your own, be it the Opponent deck or your partner’s:

  • When Zephon enters into play, you can plan ahead, looking at the top 3 Opponent cards
  • Hope allows you to search the top 5 cards in a teammate’s deck, playing one of them

Opponent Play
There are a few Opponent cards that have the ability to make you search your deck, as well. These cards include the following:

  • Mammon, who can search the Opponent deck for one item card, to put into play immediately
  • Ribesal searches the Opponent deck for a Place card to put into play immediately
  • Lucifer Envies God’s Glory is an Opponent Event card that immediately finds and plays Satan
  • Satan Lures Angels searches Opponent cards, playing any Fallen Angels found
  • 1/3 of the Angels Fall searches the Good decks’ top 3 cards, Luring Astray the first Angel in each
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