Sunday, July 13, 2014

Alpha/Omega Christian Card Game Tips - Defense Wins Championships

It seems whether you’re talking Christian trading card games, or the game of football, the quote by football coach Paul Bryant, ‘offense sells tickets—defense wins championships,’ holds true.

When you’re playing your favourite Christian trading card game (cough, hopefully Alpha/Omega), do you believe that the best offense is a good defense? Maybe another player on the Good Team has a great offensive strategy, and what they need is backup, in the form of deflecting attacks, or healing.

‘Defend Us in Our Hour of Conflict’

Taken from one of the most famous (Catholic) prayers asking for help from Angels, ‘Blessed Michael the angel, defend us in our hour of conflict’ sums up what these Christian trading cards do. When playing the Christian card game, Alpha/Omega, the following cards act as shields against the evil Opponent cards:

  • Michael can be used to shield other good players, taking attacks aimed at them
  • Eremiel can choose to save one Good Person card per round
  • Hadraniel distracts the Opponent, automatically taking the first 2 attacks per round
  • Zadkiel will block any one Opponent attack per round

‘Medicine of God’

When shielding has failed, and Opponent cards have broken all other defenses, there is one possibility left to save your Christian trading cards—healing. Known as the ‘medicine of God,’ the archangel Raphael is only of the angels in this Christian trading card game that can heal your cards, and in some cases, assist them in returning from the dead (rather, the discard pile).

  • Raphael will completely heal one Good person per turn, and may still be used to attack
  • Metatron allows you to return any one discarded card to your deck per turn, while he’s in play
  • Haniel will return one Lured Astray card into Good play per turn while he is actively in play
  • Zerachiel can also heal 5 points of damage per turn, divided between 1-5 cards

Other Immunities and Defenses

There are events and items that can be used to shield certain cards in your Christian trading card deck, if only for a single round. Some of these include:

  • Loyalty, which protects one Good person from Lure Astray for one round
  • Love, while doubling strength, also defends against Lure Astray for one round
  • Courage protects one Good person from Lure Astray for one round
  • Faith will repel an attack on one Good person – no surprise there
  • Heavenly armor lowers damage done to Good persons by 5 points
Written by Lisa Freamo, a Canadian freelance writer that happens to really enjoy Christian trading card games.

Read more on the Alpha/Omega page.

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