Saturday, July 19, 2014

Alpha/Omega Christian Card Game Strength Tips

Give or Take a Few

While playing the Christian trading card game Alpha/Omega, I kept running into the same issue, over and over again. I’d end up wishing that one Angel had more strength, if just for one round. Or maybe that one Fallen Angel would have less strength. Seriously, either one would have been great. 

The next time I played, I was prepared, though. I made a strategy and filled my deck with cards that could increase my strengths, and decrease the Opponent deck’s strengths. Some of the Christian trading cards in Alpha/Omega have the innate ability to passively affect your strengths, while others need certain conditions to be met in order to affect the strength scores.

“The Good Lord Giveth”

In addition to these Christian trading cards having decent strengths themselves, simply by being in play, they lend a bonus to your other cards:

·         Puriel already has a strength of 7, but he also gives +1 strength to one Good person each turn

·         Jehudiel, already having a strength of 8 himself, lends a +1 strength bonus to all Angels in play

·         Azrael allows all Good Person cards a +1 bonus to damage on attacks while he is in play

·         Love doubles an Good person’s strength

·         Flaming Sword lends your cards a nice +4 to their damage scores

·         Justice can allow you to do double damage for one attack

There are a few cards that require a certain condition to be met in order for their special abilities to come into play (get it? Into…play?) A few of these Christian trading cards (along with a brief description of what they do, and when) include:

·         Ambriel gives +1 damage on cooperative attacks with 2 or more other Good person cards

·         Azariel lends a +3 to the attack score when the current place is water-based

·         Barachiel gets a +1 to damage when equipped with lightning

“And the Good Lord Taketh Away”

In the face of the Lord’s Angels, any of our Opponent’s friends will falter. This includes the Opponent cards in this Christian trading card game. That’s especially true in this Christian card game, when any of the following cards are in play:

·         Uriel blinds the Opponent, giving the Opponent cards a -2 strength penalty

·         Camael gives all human Opponents a -1 strength penalty

·         Puriel gives any Opponent card a -1 strength penalty (giving it to the Angel he’s helping)

Written by Lisa Freamo—A freelance writer that happens to really like playing Christian trading card games.

Read more on the Alpha/Omega page.

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