Friday, July 25, 2014

Alpha/Omega Christian Card Game: The Devil’s Advocate

alpha-omega-christian-card-gameSince Alpha/Omega is a Christian card game, in its main format of gameplay, all of the players team up against the Opponent deck.  There is, however, an option available to play the Devil’s Advocate, and have a human player control the Opponent cards. (It’s not recommended that you role play as the Opponent in real life, though!) 

If you’ve decided to try a game of Alpha/Omega as the Opponent for a change, you’ll likely be wondering what type of mischief you can create with the twisted creatures you’re normally up against. Here’s a breakdown of how your game as the Opponent might look, if you have a lot of magic cards in play.

You’ll have Fallen Angels, humans, items, places, and a few new abilities to play around with. Remember, though—as fun as it may be to wreak havoc as the Opponent in a great Christian trading card game, you need to leave the Opponent’s mindset behind when gameplay is over.

Fallen Angels and Magic
The Fallen Angels are similar to the Archangels from Good Play. They do, however, come with their very own magical abilities. As stated in the rulebook, it’s to be understood that magic is not real, and if it were, it wouldn’t be okay to use it. Its use in the game is representative only of demonic powers of deception and evil. .

When a Fallen Angel defeats a Good person, that Good person generally enters Opponent play, which would mean that they become part of your team. There are circumstances that can stop you from Luring Astray, however. All of the Fallen Angels have the ability to Lure Astray, but some have other powers, as well.

The Fallen Angels that you’ll be playing in order to amplify the effects of your cards with magical abilities include:
  • Paimon gives +1 strength to all magic users and heretics
  • Asmodee, Ganga, Leonard, Satan, and Flaga give +1 to the strength of magic users
  • Amdusias will give strength to witches and cause damage to natural places
  • Furcas gives +1 strength to magic users and scientists
  • Torngarsuk gives +1 to the strength of Shamans

The Devil on the Defense
If you’re playing the Christian trading card game Alpha/Omega as the Opponent, there are a few good cards that you need to watch out for, because they can cancel out your ability to Lure Astray. 

These good team Christian trading cards include:
  • Dumah
  • Eremiel
  • Pahalia
  • Haniiel
  • Loyalty, Love, and Courage

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