Wednesday, June 18, 2014

The Transfiguration Sunday School Lesson

Use this Transfiguration Sunday School lesson to teach kids about how important Jesus is.

Needed: Bibles, a volunteer to play Peter (you can do this yourself if you want)

Lesson: (Note: Always allow students enough time to think about and to give their answers to the questions before clarifying the teaching.)

(Have students take turns reading Matthew 17:1-9, read it yourself, or summarize it with the following script.)

Summary Story:

Peter: Hi, friends! I’m Peter. I was one of Jesus’ disciples and I want to tell you about a very strange time we had with Jesus. You see, one day, Jesus took James, John, and I up this high mountain. It was just the four of us.

And when we got to the top of the mountain, Jesus changed right before our eyes. His face started shining like the sun and His clothes became bright white.

And then Moses and the prophet Elijah were there with Jesus, talking to Him about how He was going to die on the cross soon.

I told them I would build them all a house up there so they could stay on the mountain, but that was a silly idea. Moses and Elijah were just visiting Jesus from Heaven. They weren’t going to stay on the mountain, and neither was Jesus. He still had things to do and then He was going to die on the cross.

Then a cloud came and covered the top of the mountain where we were. We were in the cloud and we heard God’s voice. He said, “Jesus is My Son. I love Him and I am happy with Him. Do what He says!”

James, John, and I were so scared that we bowed down to the ground and wouldn’t look up. Then Jesus came and touched us. He said, “Get up. Don’t be afraid.”  We looked up and it was all over. The cloud was gone, Moses and Elijah had gone back up to Heaven, and Jesus looked His normal self again.

That was a strange day, but it definitely taught us a lot about how great Jesus really is.

Well, thanks for letting me come talk to you. Goodbye!

(Have students thank Peter for coming.)

Review Questions:

Who came down from Heaven to visit Jesus? (Moses and Elijah.)

Who was Moses in the Bible? (Moses led the Israelites out of slavery in Egypt and he gave the Israelites the Ten Commandments and the rest of God’s rules. He even wrote the first five books of the Bible.)

Who was Elijah in the Bible? (Elijah was the first prophet for God. When Israel started worshipping other gods and, He preached and reminded the Israelites and their bad kings to worship God and to do the right things that God wanted them to do.)

Do you remember what God called Jesus when God was talking in the cloud? (God called Jesus His Son.)

So Moses and Elijah and Jesus were all great leaders who served God, but Jesus was the most important out of all of them because He was God’s Son. Moses and Elijah were just regular humans, but Jesus was God’s very own Son, and that made Jesus very special.

Does anyone remember what God told the disciples to do? (God told the disciples to listen to Jesus and to do what Jesus told them.)

And that’s what God wants us to do too. He wants us to listen to Jesus and to what He tells us. If we believe in Jesus and listen to Him, then God will be happy with us, just like He was happy with Jesus.

So remember, Jesus is the most important because He’s God’s very own Son, and God wants us to listen to Him and do everything that He tells us.

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