Sunday, June 8, 2014

The Resurrection Sunday School Lesson

Use this Resurrection Sunday School lesson to teach children about Jesus' resurrection, and ours. 

Tell students, I want you all to pretend like you're sleeping...

Okay. Now I want you all to pretend like you're dead...

Okay. You know what I noticed? When you were pretending to be dead, you still looked like you were sleeping!

And, in fact, sleeping and dying are almost the exact same thing to God. God knows that no one is really ever dead. Our bodies might die, but our spirits keep living.

And one day, when Jesus comes back, He's even going to bring our bodies back to life, just like His body came back to life on that first Easter.

Jesus will bring our spirits back with Him from Heaven and He will put our spirits back in our bodies and make our bodies all better and healthy so that we will never die again. It will be like He's waking our bodies up from a nap and we will live with Him forever.

So remember, when we celebrate Jesus' resurrection on Easter, we are also looking forward to our resurrection when Jesus comes back.

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