Sunday, June 15, 2014

The Parable of the Sheep and the Goats Sunday School Lesson

Use this Parable of the Sheep and Goats Sunday School lesson to teach kids about the importance of helping others.

Needed: Bibles, paper, crayons or markers

Lesson: (Note: Always allow students enough time to think about and to give their answers to the questions before clarifying the teaching.)

Ask students, If you believe in Jesus, what kinds of things are you supposed to do?

Sometimes, we think that the only things Christians are supposed to do are read our Bibles, go to church, pray, and not do bad things. But there’s something else we’re supposed to do if we believe in Jesus.

(Have students take turns reading Matthew 25:31-40, or read it yourself.)

So it says that when Jesus comes back, He will sit on a throne and He will judge whether people did the right thing or the wrong thing. What was the right thing that some of the people did in this story? (They helped other people. They gave people food, they were nice to strangers, they gave clothes to people who didn’t have any money, and they visited people who were sick or in jail.)

The people who did the right thing by helping other people got to go to Heaven.

God likes it when we help other people. And Jesus says that if we help other people, then it’s like we’re helping Jesus Himself.

(Have students take turns reading Matthew 25:41-46, or read it yourself.)

These people did not do the right thing. What kinds of things didn’t they do? (They didn’t help people. They didn’t give people food or clothes when they needed it, they weren’t nice to strangers, and they didn’t visit people who were sick or in jail.)

And where did these people go? (They went to Hell.)

So Jesus is saying that if we really want to be His followers, and if we really want to go to Heaven when we die, then we have to help other people. Jesus helped other people when He was alive on earth, so if we believe in Jesus, then we have to help other people too.

Activity: How Can I Help? – Have students draw pictures of how they could help someone. Ask them to focus on the areas Jesus mentions in the parable: helping the poor, caring for others, visiting the lonely. When they’re finished, have them share their drawings and their ideas.

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