Monday, June 2, 2014

The Advent Wreath Sunday School Lesson - Advent Sunday School Lessons

Here's another option for great Advent Sunday School lessons. Use it during Advent to remind children of God's promises to us.

Needed: wedding ring, Advent wreath

Ask students, Have any of you ever made a promise to someone?

Has anyone ever made a promise to you?

(Show a wedding ring.) Does anyone know what this is?

It's a wedding ring. Why do you think a man and a woman give each other wedding rings when they get married?

The wedding ring shows that they are promising to love each other forever and ever. Do you see how the wedding ring goes around forever and ever? So they're promising to love each other forever and ever.

In the church, when it's almost Christmas time, we use something that looks like a big ring. Can anyone think of what it is?

(Show students the Advent wreath.) This is our Advent wreath. It looks like a big wedding ring and it goes around forever and forever just like a wedding ring because the Advent wreath reminds that God has made promises to us, just like a man and a woman make promises to each other when they get married.

Can anyone think of some promises God has made to us?

During Advent, the time before Christmas, we remember that God promised in the Bible to send Jesus die for our sins on the cross and to save us. God fulfilled that promise when Jesus born, lived His life, and then died on the cross.

During Advent we also remember that God promised to send Jesus again one day. Jesus will come down from Heaven and bring everyone who believes in Him back to life.

And we know that God will keep that promise because God is perfect and keeps all of His promises.

Let's pray about that.

Sample prayer: Father God, we thank You for sending Jesus to save us, and we thank You for promising to send Jesus back to earth one day, so that we can come back to life just like He did. We know that You will keep Your promise because You are a good and perfect God. In Jesus' name we pray. Amen.

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