Monday, June 9, 2014

Sunday School Lesson on Temptation - What's the Devil's Deal? And How to Beat Him - Jesus' Temptation

Use this Sunday School lesson on temptation to teach children about what the devil does.

Ask students, How many of you have heard of the devil?

Who is the devil? What's his story?

Most people believe that the devil was an angel once, but then he rebelled against God and tried to take over Heaven so God punished him by kicking him out of Heaven and not letting him be an angel anymore. 

So if he's not angel anymore, what does he do now? What's his deal? How does he spend his time?

The Bible tells us that the devil is mad at God for kicking him out Heaven and so what the devil does now is try to tempt people to do bad things, because when people do bad things, it makes God sad. So the devil tries to get people to do bad things because he knows that will hurt God's feelings.

In fact, the devil even tried to get Jesus to do bad things once. Can you believe that? But every time the devil tempted Jesus, do you know what Jesus did? He told the devil a Bible verse. You see, Jesus knew what the Bible said. He knew the right things God wanted Him to do, and so every time the devil told Him to do something wrong, Jesus knew a Bible verse that reminded Him of what the right thing to do was.

And that's why we learn the Bible too. Because if we know the Bible - if we know what God said in there - then when the devil tries to get us to do something wrong, we'll remember what the Bible says and we'll know what the right thing to do is. The devil can't trick us if we know what Bible says and if we trust God to help us follow it.

Let's pray about that.

Sample prayer: God, we thank You for giving us Your words in the Bible. We pray that You would help us to learn it and to remember it and to follow it every time the devil tries to get us to do something wrong. We want to live for You and do what is right. Amen.

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