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Sunday School Lesson on Lying - You Shall Not Give False Testimony

Use this Sunday School lesson on lying to teach children the importance of telling the truth.


Needed: Bibles

Lesson: (Note: Always allow students enough time to think about and answer the questions before clarifying the teaching.)

Ask students, Does anyone remember why God gives us rules? God gives us rules because He loves us. The rules He gives us are meant to protect us and others.

What Should I Do? Tell students that you’re going to play a game with them. You’ll tell them a short story and they’ll have to decide what the character in the story should do.
Story 1: One day, Katie invited her friend, Stephanie, to come over and play after school. They were playing Wii Tennis and Stephanie kept winning, match after match. Finally, Katie put down her controller and said, “That’s it!” and she started chasing Stephanie all around the house. Katie wasn’t really mad at Stephanie. She was just having fun chasing her. But then, as Katie almost caught up to Stephanie, she tripped and ran right into one of the end tables in the living room. The lamp that was sitting on the end table fell to the ground and smashed into a hundred pieces. That night, when Katie’s mom came home, she saw that the lamp was missing and asked Katie what happened. Katie knew she would be in trouble for rough-housing in the house and breaking the lamp, so she didn’t really want to tell her mom the truth. She thought maybe she could tell her mom that Stephanie broke the lamp instead of her. What do you think? What should Katie do? Should she tell her mom the truth that she broke the lamp or she should lie and say that Stephanie broke it? (She should tell the truth.)
What would happen if Katie lied and said Stephanie broke it? Katie’s mom might call Stephanie’s mom and get Stephanie in trouble for something she didn’t do.
Story 2: One day, when Chad and Billy went out for recess at school, they couldn’t decide what to play. Chad wanted to pretend to be characters from his favorite tv show, Chaotic: Mirilian Invasion, but Billy wanted to play Yu-Gi-Oh. They couldn’t agree on which one to play so Chad said, “Okay. I’ll just go play with someone else today.” It made Billy mad that Chad didn’t want to play what he wanted to play so he went around to the other kids and told them that Chad still wet the bed at night. Chad didn’t wet the bed, but Billy still said that he did. What do you think? Should Billy have told that lie about Chad? (No, he shouldn’t have lied.)
How do you think Chad would feel if he knew Billy was telling that lie about him? Chad would feel bad. His feelings would be hurt.
Think back to the story about Katie and Stephanie. If Katie told the lie and said that Stephanie broke the lamp, but then Katie’s mom found out that Katie really broke the lamp, what would happen to Katie? She would get in trouble for breaking the lamp and get in trouble in for lying.

How would Stephanie feel about Katie trying to blame her? Do you think she would be mad at Katie? Yes.

And do you think Katie’s mom would want to trust Katie again if she found out Katie lied to her? It would be hard for Katie to get her mom’s trust back.

If the rest of the kids found out that Billy was lying to them about Chad, do you think they would want to trust Billy again? It would be hard for the kids to believe other things that Billy told them.
So it sounds like lying probably isn’t a very good idea, right? It sounds like some bad things can happen when we lie. That’s probably why God tells us not to do it.    
(Have a student read Exodus 20:16.)

Who can tell me what that verse means?

“Don’t give false testimony” means “Don’t lie” and “against your neighbor” means “Don’t tell lies about somebody else.” Your neighbor doesn’t mean the person that lives next to you. It means anybody. Don’t tell lies about other people.
That’s why Katie couldn’t tell a lie about Stephanie and why Billy shouldn’t tell lies about Chad. God wants us to be honest and tell the truth so that people’s feelings don’t get hurt and so people don’t get in trouble for things they didn’t do and so people can trust us.

So remember, “Don’t give false testimony against your neighbor.” Don’t tell lies about other people.

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