Thursday, June 26, 2014

Sunday School Lesson on Evangelism - The Harvest is Plentiful

Use this Sunday School lesson on evangelism to teach kids about bringing others to Jesus.

Needed: Picture of a large ripe farm field

Lesson: (Note: Always allow students enough time to think about and to give their answers to the questions before clarifying the teaching.)


Have students take turns reading Matthew 9:35-38, or read it yourself.


Show students the picture of the farm field and ask, Do you see how big this farm field is? How many of you would like to go pick all these crops by yourself, without any help?


It would take a long time to do it all by yourself, wouldn’t it?

What if you had some friends to help you? Would the work go faster then?

Jesus said picking crops is kind of like telling people about God. Jesus was walking around from town to town, telling people about God, but it was a lot of work to do that and He knew that He couldn’t go to all the villages to tell everyone about God.


So Jesus told His disciples, “I want you to go tell people about God too. If you help Me tell people about God, then we can tell a lot more people than just Me doing it by Myself.”


And that’s what the disciples did. Just like Jesus, they went around in the villages and the cities telling people about God.


And that’s what Jesus wants us to do too. He wants us to help Him tell people about God so that they can believe in God and go to Heaven with Him someday. So let’s all help Jesus by telling everyone we know about God.


And remember, more people can learn about God when we’re all helping to tell about Him.


Game: Harvest Tag – One person is It. They are “Jesus”. When they tag someone, that person becomes a Disciple and helps “Jesus” tag others. Play until everyone has been tagged and has become a Disciple. The last person tagged is “Jesus” for the new round.

Prayer: Close your eyes and think of one person you would like to tag for Jesus, one person you would like to tell about God…Now say a prayer for that person…Now ask God to help you tell that person about God.

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