Monday, June 23, 2014

Sunday School Lesson on the Bible - Reading the Bible for Yourself

Use this Sunday School lesson on the Bible to show students the importance of personally studying the Bible.

Needed: Bibles, candy

Lesson: (Note: Always allow students enough time to think about and to give their answers to the questions before clarifying the teaching.)

Game: Telephone – Whisper a simple message in one student’s ear and have them whisper the message to the next person. Students pass the message along as best they can until it reaches the last person. The last person says the message out loud to see if it matches the original message. Start with a simple message and work up to something more complex.

(Have a student read Acts 17:10, or read it yourself.)

When Paul and Silas got to the town of Berea, where did they go? (They went to the Jewish synagogue.)

What do you think a synagogue is?

“Synagogue” means “church”. Paul and Silas went to the church.

Why do you think Paul and Silas went to the church? What were they doing there? (Paul and Silas went to the church to tell the people there about Jesus.)

(Have a student read Acts 17:11, or read it yourself.)

The Bible says that the people in that church in Berea were of noble character. What does it mean for someone to be of noble character? (It means that they do the right thing.)

And what was the right thing that the people in the church in Berea were doing?

They received Paul and Silas’ message with great eagerness – that means that they believed in Jesus when Paul and Silas told them about Him – and they examined the Scriptures everyday to see if what Paul said was true. That means that when Paul and Silas told them about Jesus, they went home and read their Bibles to make sure Paul and Silas were telling them the right thing.

When your Sunday School teacher or the pastor tells you something, do you go home and read your Bible to check if it’s true, to check if what they told you was right?

We should all be reading the Bible for ourselves, not just waiting and letting other people tell us about it. When a Sunday School teacher or a pastor tells us something in church, it’s kind of like playing the game Telephone. We’re hearing the message from someone else, not the original source. The Bible is the original source and the Sunday School teacher or the pastor is just telling you what they heard from the Bible. Maybe they didn’t hear it right. Maybe they forgot part of it and didn’t tell you the whole thing. That’s why you should go back to the original source, the Bible, and read the original message for yourself. That way you’ll know if other people are telling you the right thing or not.

(Have a student read Acts 17:12, or read it yourself.)

Game: Sword Drill – Explain that the Bible calls the Bible a sword because it is our weapon to fight the devil. If we know what the Bible says, we will be able to defeat the devil when he tries to tempt us to do bad things. So to start learning how to use our sword and how read the Bible for ourselves, we’re going to play a game called Sword Drill. The teacher will call out the name of a book in the Bible and students race to get there the fastest. The first to find the book gets a piece of candy. Students who can’t read can be paired up with older students and both receive a piece of candy if they win. Students who are having trouble may be assisted by the teacher or by another student. Play as long as seems appropriate.

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