Monday, June 16, 2014

Serving Others Sunday School Lesson

Use this Serving Others Sunday School lesson to teach children about the importance of having a serving attitude.

Needed: Bibles, paper, crayons or markers

Lesson: (Note: Always allow students enough time to think about and to give their answers to the questions before clarifying the teaching.)

(Have a student read Matthew 20:20, or read it yourself.)

The mother of James and John, two of Jesus’ disciples, came to Jesus to ask Him for a favor. What do you think the favor is that she wants Jesus to do for her?

(Have another student read Matthew 20:21, or read it yourself.)

James and John’s mom wants Jesus to make James and John His second-in-command when He rules the world. It would be like Jesus sitting on His big throne in the middle and James and John sitting on their little thrones on the right and left of Him. The mom wants Jesus to let James and John rule the world with Him.

Do you think Jesus will let James and John rule the world with Him?

Would you like to rule the world with Jesus?

(Have students take turns reading Matthew 20:22-23, or read it yourself.)

Jesus says that James and John can’t rule the world with Him because God has already decided who will rule the world with Jesus. (We don’t know who Jesus is referring to, but a good guess would be Moses and Elijah, as these are the two who converse with Jesus at the Transfiguration.)

Now if you were the other ten disciples and you just heard James and John asking to rule the world with Jesus, how would you feel toward James and John?

(Have another student read Matthew 20:24, or read it yourself.)

The other ten disciples were mad at James and John because it wasn’t fair for them to ask to rule the world with Jesus and not the other ten rule the world with Jesus too.

(Have students take turns reading Matthew 20:25-27, or read it yourself.)

What does Jesus say you have to do to be great? (You have to serve other people like a servant or a slave.)

That means you have to help people. If you help people, God will think you’re great. God doesn’t care about how much power you have. He cares about if you’re helping other people or not.

(Have another student read Matthew 20:28, or read it yourself.)

Jesus said He came to serve people. He came to help people. He was God’s Son, and part of God Himself – Jesus is the King of the whole world and the whole universe – but He didn’t want people to serve Him or give Him power. Instead, He wanted to serve other people.

And that’s what Jesus wants us to do too. If Jesus can serve other people, even though He was so great, we can serve and help other people too, and not worry about making other people think that we’re great or giving us power or anything like that.

The most important thing is helping other people, and if we help other people, then God will think we’re great.

Activity: Servant Brainstorming – Have students draw a picture of one thing they can do this week to help someone else. When everyone is finished, have students share their drawings and ideas. Remind students that God doesn’t care how great we are. He cares about how much we help other people.

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