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Revelation Sunday School Lesson - The Glory of Christ

Use this Revelation Sunday School lesson to reveal the glory of Christ.

Needed: Bibles, something to write on

Lesson: (Note: Always give students a chance to answer the questions before you clarify the teaching.)

*This is an in-depth, verse by verse study. Depending on your age group and the students in your class, it may be better to split this lesson over two or more weeks.

Ask students, How would you describe Jesus? Give me some words or phrases to describe what He’s like or the kinds of things He does and we’ll put those descriptions on the board. (Students will probably focus on Jesus’ earthly life, saying things like He’s kind, or loving, or that He heals people, or teaches, or died on the cross, etc.)

Those are all good and true descriptions. But let’s look at some descriptions of Jesus that we don’t hear too much about. Let’s see if we can look at another side of Jesus.

(Have students take turns reading Revelation 1:1-2, or read it yourself.)

The writer says his name is John. Which John is this? (Not John the Baptist because he was beheaded. John the Apostle, the writer of the Gospel of John, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd John, and now Revelation.)

(Have another student read Revelation 1:3, or read it yourself.)

John says the time is near. What time do you think he’s talking about? What time is near? (The time for Jesus to come back.)

Do you think that time is near? John thought the time was near when he was writing this and that was 2,000 years ago.

We don’t know when Jesus will come back, but we do know that it’s sooner now than it was then. Right now is the closest time it’s ever been.

(Have another student read Revelation 1:4, or read it yourself.)

Who is John talking about? (God.)

Why does he say that God is, was, and is to come? (God is forever. He always has been, He is now, and He will be forever.)

(Have students take turns reading Revelation 1:5-6, or  read it yourself.)

How is Jesus the faithful witness? (He speaks what is true from God. That’s why He came to earth; to teach us and tell us what He knows about God.)

Why is He the firstborn from the dead? (He rose from the dead and then brought other people back from the dead and will bring us back from the dead when He comes back.)

Why is Jesus the ruler of the kings of the earth? (He is God. He rules the whole universe.)

How did Jesus free from our sins by His blood? (He died in our place. Since He didn’t have any sins to be punished for, He took our sins on Himself so that our sins could be punished without our having to punished.)

How are we a kingdom to God? (We are under God’s reign. We obey Him as our King.)

How are we priests to God? (Priests serve and are devoted God. We are all supposed to serve God.)

(Have another student read Revelation 1:7, or read it yourself.)

Why will people mourn when they see Jesus coming back? (Those who didn’t believe in Him will realize that they were wrong not to believe and will weep.)

(Have another student read Revelation 1:8, or read it yourself.)

What does it mean for God to be the Alpha and the Omega? (He is the first and the last. He was before anything else and He is already at the end of everything. God stands outside of time.)

(Have another student read Revelation 1:9, or read it yourself.)

Why do you think John was on the island of Patmos? What does it mean for him to be there because of the word of God and the testimony of Jesus? (Some people think he was there on a missionary trip. Actually, we know from church history that he had been exiled there by the Romans. Patmos was a prison camp.)

(Have student take turns reading Revelation 1:10-18, or read it yourself.)

Who is John seeing? (Jesus.)

And what is Jesus like? Is He like He was on earth? (No.) Read description of Jesus again.(Jesus is seen here in Heaven, in all His glory.)

Why does it say that He was like a son of man? (Jesus is human, but not exactly. He is much more than human.)

(Have students take turns reading Revelation 1:19-20, or read it yourself.)

If Jesus holds the churches in His hand, what does that mean for the churches? (It means that Jesus is the one who is in control of the churches and He is the one taking care of them.)

If Jesus is in control of and taking care of those churches, do you think He is holding our church in His hand and taking care of us too? (Yes.)

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