Friday, June 20, 2014

Resurrection Sunday School Lesson - Jesus is Raised!

Use this Resurrection Sunday School lesson to teach about Easter Sunday.

Needed: Bibles, cones, toilet paper rolls

Lesson: (Note: Always give students the opportunity to answer the questions before you clarifying the teaching.)

(Have students take turns reading Matthew 27:62-66, or read it yourself.)

On Saturday after Jesus died, the priests asked Pilate, the Roman governor, to put guards around Jesus’ grave. Why does it say that they did that? (The priests didn’t want Jesus’ followers to come steal Jesus’ body and then lie and tell people that Jesus came back to life.)

(Have students take turns reading Matthew 28:1-10, or read it yourself.)

How did Jesus come back to life? (After Jesus died, God brought Him back to life.)

God can do anything. He can even make dead people come back to life. One day, when Jesus comes back to Earth, He will make our souls will go back into our bodies and bring our bodies back to life. Our bodies will be perfect and we will live forever with Jesus and God forever.

(Have students take turns reading Matthew 28:11-15, or read it yourself.)

Why did the priests pay the guards to lie about Jesus being alive again? (The priests didn’t want people to believe in Jesus and they didn’t want people to know He came back to life, so they paid the guards to lie about what happened.)

Game: Resurrection Race – Divide students into pairs. Have pairs line up along one line. Place cones a good distance from the line, directly in front of the pairs. Give each pair two rolls of toilet paper. On, “Go!” the first person from each pair will wrap their partner in toilet paper, using the whole roll. The wrapped person will then break free of the toilet paper, run toward the cone, run around the cone, and then back toward their partner. They will then wrap their partner and the partner will do the same thing. The first pair to have both people wrapped and run around the cone wins.

Explain to students that this is what will happen to us. Our bodies will be dead, but then when Jesus comes back, He will bring our bodies back to life, just like God brought Jesus’ body back to life.

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