Sunday, June 8, 2014

Palm Sunday Sunday School Lesson

Use this Palm Sunday Sunday School lesson to get kids into the spirit of the day. 

Needed: (Optional - palm branches, construction paper palm branches)

Ask students, How many of you have ever been to a parade?

Have any of you ever been in a parade?

Who normally gets to be in a parade? (Important people or things that people like, such as Presidents, winning sports teams, cartoon character floats, etc.)

Who would you like to see in a parade?

If you're watching a parade and you're seeing someone important go by or you see one of your favorite characters, what would do? (You cheer, clap, wave, etc.)

Well, when people heard that Jesus was coming into Jerusalem, they threw a parade for Him. They had heard about all the miracles Jesus was doing - how He was healing people from diseases and making crippled people walk and even bringing dead people back to life. They wanted Jesus to be their next king and so they waved palm branches for Him and they threw down their cloaks for Jesus' donkey to walk on. It was a big parade to welcome Jesus.

Do you want to help me throw a parade for Jesus today? (Hand out palm branches and have students march around the sanctuary waving them and shouting, "Praise God! The King is coming! Jesus is King!")

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