Friday, June 20, 2014

Palm Sunday Sunday School Lesson - Jesus Rides into Jerusalem on a Donkey

Use this Palm Sunday Sunday School lesson to teach about Jesus' Triumphal Entry into Jerusalem.

Needed: Bibles

Lesson: (Note: Always give students the opportunity to answer the questions before you clarifying the teaching.)

(Have students take turns reading Matthew 21:1-3, or read it yourself.)

How did Jesus know that there would be a donkey in a certain spot for Him to ride on? (God knows everything and God told Jesus about where the donkey would be.)

(Have students take turns reading Matthew 21:4-11, or read it yourself.)

Why are all the people waving palm branches for Jesus and putting their clothes on the road for His donkey to walk on? (They have seen and heard about all the miracles He has been doing. They believe that Jesus is a great prophet from God and they are waving the branches to welcome Him into Jerusalem. They believe that Jesus should be their new king.  It’s like they’re having a parade for Him.)

(Have students take turns reading Matthew 21:12-13, or read it yourself.)

Why did Jesus wreck the stuff of the people selling things in the Temple? (The Temple was the church for the people back then. The church is supposed to be a special place where people can come and pray and worship God. It isn’t supposed to be used for a store or for a place where people try to make money.)

(Have students take turns reading Matthew 21:14-15, or read it yourself.)

What were the children saying about Jesus? (Hosanna to the Son of David!)

It means, “Praise to the Son of David”. They were saying it to Jesus because they knew Jesus was a descendant of King David. The children knew who Jesus was and Jesus loves it when children praise Him!

Game: Palm Tree Parade RelayCut out palm leaves from construction paper and gather clothes into two piles. Divide kids into two teams.  Place the piles of clothes at the end of the room. Teams must relay to lay out the clothes from their team ‘s starting line to the clothes pile, so the first student runs down to the clothes pile and then brings something back to lay right in front of the team’s line. The second student runs down and lays a second piece of clothing in front of the first, until you have a line of clothes stretching from the team’s line to the original pile of clothes. Each student then must take turns getting a balloon down and back by waving their palm leaves to push it along their clothes path . Remind students about how the people waved palm branches and laid their clothes on the road when Jesus came into Jerusalem.

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