Sunday, June 15, 2014

Opponent Play in Christian Trading Card Game Alpha/Omega

Alpha/Omega is a Christian trading card game in which the players team up together on the Good Team to defeat the Opponent. In this Christian card game, the Opponent is symbolic of Satan, which is why the Opponent Deck is typically not played by a person. The first phase of each round is the Opponent’s actions.

The Opponent Deck in this Christian card game also has some abilities that the Good Christian trading cards don’t, and never will. One of these abilities is the use of “magic.”

Satan, the Aggressor

The Opponent always having the opportunity to attack first is reminiscent of the fact that Satan is always the one to take the initiative. Always attacking the card with the lowest strength or the most damage, the Opponent’s actions show us that Satan is always on the look-out for the weakest link, and will attack without warning.

Jealous of God, Satan tried to take God’s place in heaven, attacking without provocation. When that attempt was a complete failure, Satan went after God’s dearest Creations—Adam and Eve. Seeing that humans were God’s weakest link (if God can be said to have any weaknesses) Satan swept into the Garden of Eden, tempting Eve to eat the Forbidden Fruit.

Adam and Eve had done nothing to provoke this attack, either. Satan, our real opponent, is always attacking when we have no intention to harm him. He seeks to lure us astray, which is what the Opponent Deck is trying to do when attacking in this Christian trading card game. Always seeking the weakest member of the Good Team, the Opponent swoops in, unprovoked, and makes an attack.

The Opponent’s Use of Magic

There are Opponent cards that refer to the use of magic as an ability. You will probably notice that none of the Good cards have any magical abilities. This is because magic isn’t a real ability. It doesn’t exist, and it therefore has no inherent power.

Magic is simply demonic power disguised and called by another name to fool the Good Team, helping the Opponent to Lure Astray. Only the Opponents can use magic in this Christian card game, because it has been brought about by the Fallen Angels. The Fallen Angels use their demonic powers, and attribute it to the use of magic, attacking Good people cards, and attempting to Lure Astray the Angels.

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