Sunday, February 11, 2018

Online Sunday School Lessons - Telling People about Jesus

Another great addition to your online Sunday School lessons! Use this lesson to teach students about the importance of telling others about Jesus.

Needed: Bibles

Lesson: (Note: Always allow students enough time to think about and to give their answers to the questions before clarifying the teaching.)

Ask students, What are some things that people are afraid of?

Is anyone afraid of bad people hurting them?

Is anyone afraid of God?

Jesus told His disciples to go tell other people about Him. Why did Jesus want His disciples to tell other people about Him?

Jesus wanted His disciples to go tell other people about Him so that other people could believe in Him and go to Heaven when they die.

But it was dangerous talking about Jesus back then. It was against the law and you could get arrested or even killed because of it.

(Have students take turns reading Matthew 10:16-18, or read it yourself.)

Jesus said that His disciples would be arrested and beaten if they go try to tell people about Jesus. That’s because most people didn’t want to believe Jesus. They just wanted to keep believing in God the wrong way or they wanted to believe in fake gods instead.

But Jesus told the disciples that when they get arrested and people start asking them questions, they shouldn’t worry about it.

(Have students take turns reading Matthew 10:19-20, or read it yourself.)

Why shouldn’t the disciples worry about what to say? (Because the Holy Spirit would give them the words to say.)

When we’re talking to someone about Jesus, or someone is asking questions about what we believe, we don’t have to worry about what we’re going to say. We can trust God to give us good ideas about what to say. Jesus says that the Holy Spirit will make us think of the right things.

(Have another student read Matthew 10:21, or read it yourself.)

Jesus told the disciples that sometimes their family members wouldn’t believe in Jesus and would get them in trouble because they did believe in Jesus. It’s like that with us too. Maybe someone in your family, like your parents or grandparents, don’t believe in Jesus or come to church. If your parents don’t believe in Jesus, does that mean you can’t believe in Jesus? (No.)

Jesus says that you should believe in God and Jesus even if the other people in your family don’t believe in Him.

(Have students take turns reading Matthew 10:22-23, or read it yourself.)

Jesus told His disciples that if the people in one town don’t want to hear about Jesus, they should go to another town. It’s the same way with us. If we try to tell someone about Jesus and they don’t want to hear about Him, does that mean we can’t tell anyone else about Jesus? (No.)

If we try to tell someone about Jesus and they don’t want to believe in Him, then we just have to try to tell someone else and maybe that person will believe in Jesus.

But even though Jesus said that the disciples would get in trouble for telling people about Him, He also told them not to afraid of people hurting or killing them.

(Have another student read Matthew 10:28, or read it yourself.)

Jesus says that we shouldn’t be afraid of people who can kill us, but who should we afraid of? (God.)

If we believe in God and someone kills us, that would be sad, but it’s okay because we know we’ll go to Heaven.

But if we don’t believe in God and we die, what will happen? (We’ll go to Hell.)

So Jesus says to be more afraid of God than people, because people can only kill us, but God can send us to Hell if we don’t believe in Him. If we do believe in Him, then He won’t send us to Hell.

So remember, if someone in your family doesn’t believe in Jesus, you can still believe in Jesus. And if you’re telling someone about Jesus, trust God to help you know what to say. Be brave when you talk to people and He will help you.

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