Monday, June 16, 2014

Online Sunday School Lessons - Loving God and Others More Important than Money

Another great addition to your online Sunday School lessons! Use this lesson to teach students about the need to keep God as our first priority in life.

Needed: Bibles

Lesson: (Note: Always allow students enough time to think about and to give their answers to the questions before clarifying the teaching.)

Ask students, If you had a million dollars, what would you do with it? What would you buy?

Now pretend you had all those things and someone asked you to give all that stuff away. What would you do?

(Have a student read Matthew 19:16, or read it yourself.)

What does the rich man want? (He wants to know how he can get eternal life.)

What is eternal life? (Living forever in Heaven. So the man wants to know what he has to do to get to Heaven.)

(Have students take turns reading Matthew 19:17-21, or read it yourself.)

Why do you think Jesus wants the man to sell everything he has and give the money to the poor? (Jesus wants the man to help the poor.)

Jesus is also testing the man to see if the rich man will do what He says. If we want to be Jesus’ follower, we have to do what Jesus says, even if it’s hard, like giving up our nice things or our money.

(Have another student read Matthew 19:22, or read it yourself.)

Do you think the rich man will do what Jesus said and sell all of his things so that he can help poor people?

I don’t think he will. I think the rich man loved his money and his things more than he loved God. I think he would rather keep his things and his money than follow God. Jesus was testing the man to see what was more important to him – God or his money – and the man decided that his money was more important.

But if we want to be Jesus’ followers and go to Heaven when we die, then we have to make sure that we know that God is most important, and do whatever He tells us to do.

(Have students take turns reading Matthew 19:23-29, or read it yourself.)

Peter asked what people would get if they gave up things for God and Jesus said that when He comes back to earth, He will reward people who gave up things for God and would give them a hundred times more than they had in the first place.

We just have to remember to make God most important in our life and to do whatever He tells us, and then He will reward us when Jesus comes back again.

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