Sunday, February 11, 2018

Online Sunday School Lessons - Cutting Sin Out of Our Lives

More online Sunday School lessons! Teach children how to make room for Christ in their lives.

Needed: Bibles, paper dolls for each student, crayons and markers, scissors, construction paper, tape

Lesson: (Note: Always allow students to think about and answer the questions before clarifying the teaching.)

Before class, make and cut out a paper doll for each student with two lines drawn horizontally across the middle of the doll’s chest. The space in between the lines has to be large enough for a student to write a word in between the lines. Then make and cut out a cross for each student. The crossbeam of the cross should be the same size as the space in between the lines on the dolls’ chest.

At the beginning of class, pass out the paper dolls and tell the students to draw themselves on it, leaving the space in between the lines blank.

Ask students, What is sin? Sin is anything that we do wrong. Sin is anything that God doesn’t want us to do.
Write one thing that you do wrong, one sin, in between the lines across the middle of your paper doll’s chest.

(Have a student read Matthew 5:27-30.)

What is Jesus telling us to do if we sin? He’s telling us to cut off the part of our body that is making us sin.

Is Jesus really telling us to cut and hurt ourselves if we sin? No.

Jesus doesn’t want us to really cut ourselves, but He does want us to stop doing that bad thing. He wants us to stop sinning. He wants us to pretend we’re cutting that sin right out of our lives and throwing it away.

So now I want you to cut that sin out of your doll’s chest.

(Help students cut the section in between the lines out of their doll’s chest. Then hand them each a cross cut-out.)

Now I want you take this cross and tape into onto the chest of your doll. Use the cross to connect the two pieces of your doll.

When we cut out a sin from our lives, when we stop doing something wrong, that makes more room for Jesus in our lives!

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