Friday, June 20, 2014

Online Sunday School Lessons - Come to Me, All You Who are Weary and Burdened

Another great addition to your online Sunday School lessons! Use this lesson to teach children about how Jesus gives us rest from our sins and our worries.

Needed: Bibles, a heavy object (such as bricks or boxes of rocks)

Lesson: (Note: Always allow students enough time to think about and to give their answers to the questions before clarifying the teaching.)

Give students your heavy object. You can have an object for each of them or have them take turns holding one thing.

Say, Let’s see who can hold this the longest. Whoever can hold it the longest, wins.

Was that pretty heavy?

Now try this. (Hand them each a Bible.) Is that a little less heavy?  

(Have students take turns reading Matthew 11:28-30, or read it yourself.)

What does Jesus say He will do for those who are weary and burdened? (He will give them rest.)

What does it mean to be weary? (To be tired.)

What does it mean to be burdened? (To be carrying something heavy.)

Sometimes the heavy things we carry are sins. When we’ve done something wrong, it makes us feel guilty and when we feel guilty, it makes our souls feel heavy and sad.

Sometimes the heavy things we carry are worries. We worry about things and that makes our souls feel heavy.

But Jesus says He will take our heavy things and give us something lighter. We can give Him our sins and our guilt and He will forgive us. We can give Him our worries and then not worry about them anymore.

Then, when we give Jesus our sins and our worries, He gives us His rules to follow. But following Jesus’ rules is much easier than making our souls by carrying around all those sins and worries. We can give Jesus our sins and the things we’re worried about and all we have to do is follow His rules.

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