Monday, June 9, 2014

Online Sunday School Lessons - "As a Hen Gathers Her Chicks Under Her Wings"

Another of our great online Sunday School lessons. Use this lesson to teach children about Jesus' desire to have us with Him.

Show students a picture of a hen with her chicks (included at bottom). Ask, what is happening in this picture?

A hen is cuddling with her chicks. She even has one under her wing. Why would that hen want to have her chicks so close to her?

Maybe the hen just loves her chicks and wants to be close to them, maybe she's protecting them from something.

Jesus said that He wants to be close to us like that hen is close to her chicks. He loves us and wants to be with us and protect us.

And it makes Jesus sad when people don't want to be with Him.

(Read or paraphrase Luke 13:34-35).

Jesus wants everyone to be with Him, but He lets people make their own choice. If someone doesn't believe in Him and doesn't want to be close to them, Jesus doesn't force them, but it does make Him sad.

Let's pray about that.

Sample prayer: Jesus, we pray that You will give us all hearts that want to be close to You, that want You to care for us like a hen stretching its wings over her chicks. We thank You that You love us so much and Jesus, this morning, we want to say that we love You back. Amen.

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