Monday, June 2, 2014

Online Creation Sunday School Lesson Guide (part 2)

Online Creation Sunday School Lessons
In Genesis 1, we learn about the Creation. This set of Creation Sunday School lessons will allow you to walk your students through Genesis 1, teaching them about how God created everything in just seven days.

Creation Sunday School Lesson Day Five - Genesis 1:20-23 – In this Creation Sunday School lesson, written by Felicia Mollohan, students aged 5-11 will learn about the 5th day of Creation. There is an art activity, and the children can create animal art, the way that God created the animals.

Creation Sunday School Lesson Days Six and Seven - Genesis 1:24-2:2 – Written by Felicia Mollohan, this Creation Sunday School lesson is geared toward children aged 5-11. The children will learn about how on the 6th day, God created people, and on the 7th, He rested. This Adam and Eve Sunday School lesson includes a fun activity in which the children can make people using fun foods.

Made in God's Image Creation Sunday School Lesson - Genesis 1:27 – Written by Tony Kummer, this Creation Sunday School lesson will teach children that being made in God’s image is about more than just looks. We are creative and intelligent, because God is the creator. The children create paper airplanes, and see the amazing things that they can do, all from being created in the image of God.

The Creation: Christ is the Image of God Sunday School Lesson - Genesis 1:26-27 – This Creation Sunday School lesson, from, will teach your students about how Christ is the image of God, and in order to see God, we must know Jesus. It features a worksheet to start the children thinking about their own image.

Creation Sunday School Lesson - Genesis 1 – Posted by Tony Kummer, this is a great resource page for anyone teaching Creation Sunday School lessons. With links to several different Creation lessons, printable coloring sheets, and many other resources on God’s Creation, it can help you plan out your Creation Sunday School lessons, week by week.

Creation Review Sunday School Lesson - Genesis 1, 2 – Aimed at children aged 5-11, this Creation Sunday School lesson will further assist your students with their understanding of Creation. Written by Felicia Mollohan, the lesson features activities and art, to help the children both understand and remember the different days of Creation.

Created to be Like God Sunday School Lesson - Genesis 1 – Written by site owner, Rev. Stephen R. Wilson, this Creation Sunday School lesson will teach your students what it means to be created in God’s image. You can teach your students this Adam and Eve Sunday School lesson by allowing them to draw a person, and explaining that the same way they knew how to draw a person, is how God knew how to create Adam and Eve, in His own likeness.

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