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King Josiah Sunday School Lesson - The Case of the Missing Bible

Use this King Josiah Sunday School lesson to teach kids about the importance of the Bible.

Needed: Bibles

Lesson: (Note: Always allow students enough time to think about and answer the questions before clarifying the teaching.)

We’ve been reading and learning about the kings and prophets of Israel. Remember that the people of Israel actually had two kingdoms, Judah and the new country of Israel, because the country of Israel had split when King Solomon’s son, King Rehoboam, wanted to make the people work too hard. Most of the people left and made the new country of Israel. Usually, both kingdoms had bad kings who didn’t believe in God and didn’t do the right things God wanted them to do. They believed in fake gods and did wrong things. But once in a while, there would be a good king who loved God and did the right things. One of those good kings was King Hezekiah, whom we learned about last time. His great-grandson, King Josiah, was another good king.

(Read 2 Kings 22-23:7 with your students, or read the following story as a summary.)

Josiah became king of Judah when he was only eight years old, and he followed God’s rules exactly right.

How would you like to be the king or queen when you’re only eight years old?

When Josiah grew up, he saw that God’s Temple church was starting to fall apart because no one was taking very good care of it. He ordered the priests to pay workers to fix the Temple church.

Why do you think King Josiah wanted the Temple church to be fixed and not fall apart? (Josiah wanted the Temple to be fixed so that people could go there and worship God.)

While they were cleaning and fixing the Temple church, Hilkiah the priest found the Bible. No one had seen the Bible for a very long time because the priests and kings that came before hadn’t been following the Bible. They didn’t believe in God or follow His rules and so they put the Bible away and forgot about it. No one knew where it was until they started cleaning and fixing the Temple. Then the priest, Hilkiah, found it again.

Hilkiah gave it to King Josiah, and when King Josiah read it, he was afraid and he was sad.

Why do you think King Josiah would be afraid and sad when he read the Bible?

King Josiah was afraid and sad because when he read the Bible, he saw what God’s rules were and he knew that people had not been following God’s rules. Instead of believing in and worshipping only God, most people believed in fake gods, and did the wrong things that God didn’t want them to do. Josiah was afraid that God was going to punish the people for not believing in Him and following His rules.

So King Josiah sent Hilkiah the priest and his servants to the woman prophet, Huldah, to ask her what they should do. Huldah said, “God is going to punish the Israelites for not believing in God or following His rules, but because King Josiah does believe in God and listen to God’s rules, then God will wait until after King Josiah is dead. Then He will let another country conquer Judah as a punishment to them.”

Hilkiah the priest told King Josiah everything Huldah said. Then Josiah made it a rule in Judah that people could only believe in worship the real God. He wouldn’t let anyone worship the fake gods anymore, and he made everyone follow God’s rules in the Bible. The Bible tells us that King Josiah was one of the greatest kings there ever was because of how much he loved God and did the right things that God wanted him to do.

Do you all love God?

Do you want to do the right things that God wants you to do?

Where can you find God’s rules for what He wants you to do? (In the Bible.)

God gave us the Bible so that we would know how much He loves us and so that we would know what His rules are. If we love God and are careful to follow His rules in the Bible, then God will be happy with us, just like He was happy with King Josiah.

Game: Finding the Bible – Hide a Bible somewhere in your classroom or another room that you are able to use. Send students try to find it. The first student to find it gets to hide it next. Play until has had a chance to hide it or as long as time permits.

Remind students about how the Bible was lost because no one believed in God or followed His rules, but that Hilkiah the priest found it when King Josiah ordered him to clean and fix the Temple church.

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