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Judges Sunday School Lesson - The Judge Ehud

Use this Judges Sunday School lesson to teach kids the story of Ehud the judge.

Lesson: (Note: Always allow students enough time to think about and answer the questions before clarifying the teaching.)

Summarize Judges 2:6-15 and 3:12-30, asking questions as you go.

After Moses led the people of Israel out of slavery in Egypt, the people wandered in the desert for forty years. Then Moses died and the new leader, Joshua, led the Israelites into their new home, the country of Canaan, that God had promised to give them.

The people believed in and served God the whole time that Joshua was alive. But then Joshua died when he was one hundred and ten years old and a new group of Israelites grew up. This new group of Israelites had not been alive when God brought the Israelites out of Egypt, or when He took care of the Israelites in the desert, or when He brought the Israelites into their new home. So this new group of Israelites did not believe in God. They believed in and served other gods, fake gods, instead.

How do you think God feels when people don’t believe in Him and when they serve fake gods instead of Him?

God was very angry that these new Israelites did not believe in Him and were serving the fake gods.

What do you think God will do to punish the Israelites for not believing in Him?

God sent enemy armies against Israel and when Israel tried to fight their enemies in battle, God helped their enemies win. One time, God let King Eglon, king of the Moabites, take over and rule over Israel for eighteen years!

How would you like it if an army from another came to America and took us over?

The Israelites started praying to God again and asking Him to help them.

Do you think God will help the Israelites again?

When God saw that the Israelites were praying to Him again, he made a man named Ehud become the Israelites’ leader (they called him a judge) and God gave Ehud a plan of how to defeat the Moabites.

How do you think God will use Ehud to defeat the Moabites?

Ehud went to King Eglon and brought him a gift from the Israelites. King Eglon liked the gift. Then Ehud said to King Eglon, “I have a secret message for you.” So King Eglon told all his servants to leave so that he could hear the secret message. But then, instead of telling King Eglon a secret, Ehud pulled a sword out that he had hidden in his clothes and stabbed King Eglon in the stomach. King Eglon was a very fat man and the sword went all the way into his body. Ehud left the sword stuck in King Eglon’s body and walked out of the room and locked the doors behind him. Then he left King Eglon’s palace and none of King Eglon’s servants or soldiers knew what Ehud had done.

A little while later, King Eglon’s servants came to look for him. The doors were locked so they thought King Eglon must be going to the bathroom in there. But when the king still didn’t come out, the servants got the key and opened the doors. And there was King Eglon, dead on his throne, with Ehud’s sword sticking out of him.

When Ehud got back home to Israel, he blew a trumpet and all the Israelites came to him. He told them what had happened and said, “Follow me. God is going to help you defeat your enemy today!” So Ehud and the Israelites attacked and defeated the army of Moab and then the Israelites lived in peace for eighty years.

Let’s review. Why did God let the Moabites defeat and conquer Israel? Because the new Israelites that grew up didn’t believe in God and started believing in and serving fake gods.

Then, why did God help Ehud and the Israelites defeat the Moabites? Because the Israelites started praying to God again and asking Him to help them.

Do you think God can help you if you pray to Him? He sure can! God wants you to ask for His help and He will  help you.

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