Thursday, June 26, 2014

John the Baptist Sunday School Lesson - Jesus and John Both Baptizing: He Must Become Greater

Use this John the Baptist Sunday School lesson to teach children about humility toward Jesus.

Needed: Bibles, a trophy or prize you have won (bring a trophy or prize to show even if it isn’t something you’ve won)

Lesson: (Note: Always allow students enough time to think about and answer the questions before clarifying the teaching.)

Ask students, How many of you want to be famous when you grow up?

How many of you want to be famous now? Maybe you want to be really popular in your school and have everyone like you.

Why do you think we want to be famous?

(Show your trophy or prize.) What about winning trophies or ribbons or things like that? Have any of you ever won a trophy or gotten first place in a competition for something you did?

Why do people like to get trophies and win at things?

Well, in the Bible, there was a man who said he didn’t want to be popular anymore and he didn’t want to win. His name was John the Baptist and he was Jesus’ older cousin. John the Baptist was very famous in Israel because he was such a great preacher. But let’s read what happened when Jesus started preaching too.

(Have students take turns reading John 3:22-24, or read it yourself if your students aren’t old enough.)

So John was preaching and baptizing in one place, but then Jesus started preaching and baptizing somewhere else.

(Have students read John 3:25-26, or read it yourself.)

John and Jesus were both preaching and baptizing people, but who were most of the people going to, John or Jesus? (Jesus.)

Most people were going to listen to Jesus. How do you think it made John feel when he heard that most people were going to listen to Jesus instead of coming to listen to him?

(Have students read John 3:27-30, or read it yourself.)

John said that he was glad most people were going to see Jesus instead of him, because John knew that since Jesus was the Savior, or the Messiah, Jesus was more important than he was. He didn’t want to be the most popular anymore because he wanted Jesus to be the most popular. He didn’t want to win everyone’s attention or have everyone listen to him or baptize the most people. He wanted Jesus to win.

And that’s what we should be like in our life too. We shouldn’t worry about how popular we are or how many people like us. We should just be trying to get people to like Jesus.

And we shouldn’t worry about winning all the time because life isn’t about us and how great we are or how many things we win. Life is about Jesus and how great He is. Because Jesus is part of God and He died for us so we can be forgiven for our sins and go to Heaven when we die instead of going to Hell.

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