Thursday, June 26, 2014

Jesus Sunday School Lesson - The Word was With God and the Word was God

Use this Jesus Sunday School lesson to teach children about who Jesus is.
Needed: Bibles
Lesson: (Note: Always allows students enough time to think about and answer the questions before clarifying the teaching.)

Ask students, Is Jesus alive right now? Jesus is alive right now. He is alive in Heaven. Jesus went to Heaven after God brought Him back to life from dying on the cross.

How old do you think Jesus is?

Did you know that Jesus has always been alive? Always. Even before He was born on earth.

Where do you think Jesus was before He was born? In Heaven. Jesus was alive in Heaven before He was born and when He died He came back to life and went back to His home in Heaven.
Do you know who Jesus is? He’s God. He’s part of God in a human body. God has three parts; God the Father, God the Son (who is Jesus), and God the Holy Spirit. Jesus is God in a human body.

(Have a student read John 1:1-3.)

These verses are telling us that Jesus, the Word, was with God from the very beginning. Jesus was always alive with God in Heaven. It’s also telling us that the Word, Jesus, was God. Jesus is a part of a God.

(Have another student John 1:14.)

This verse tells us that the part of God that was the Word, or Jesus, became a human person and lived on earth with us for a little while.

(Have another student read John 1:9.)

This verse tells us that the true light was coming into the world. Who do you think the light is? The light is Jesus.

How many of you like to be in the dark?

Sometimes the dark is nice to sleep in, but the dark can also make trouble for us sometimes because you can’t see in the dark. If you try to move and walk around in the dark, you might bump into things or trip over things.

If we’re in the dark, what does turning on a light help us to do? The light helps us to see. We can find our way better if there’s a light on. And if there’s a light on, it helps us not to be scared.

That’s the way it is with Jesus. Jesus is our light that helps us find our way to Heaven. He’s also our light because we know He is always with us and if we know that if Jesus is always with us, then we don’t have to be afraid of anything.

Now who remembers what John’s job was? What was John supposed to do? John was supposed to be a preacher. He was supposed to tell people about God and Jesus.

Do you think that’s a pretty important job – to tell people about God and Jesus? That is a very important job.

Did you know that God has given us all that job? God wants us all to tell people about God and Jesus so that everyone can believe in Jesus and go to Heaven when they die.

(Have another student read John 1:26.)

John is talking here about Jesus and he says that he, John, is not worthy to untie Jesus’ shoe for Him. John, who had such an important job as being a preacher and telling people about God and Jesus, said he wasn’t worthy to untie Jesus’ shoe. What do you think about that?

Do you think you’re good enough to untie Jesus’ shoe for Him?

As important as we are as human beings, God and Jesus are much more important than we are. We aren’t worthy to serve God, to even untie His shoe for Him, because compared to God, we are nothing. But God made us and He loves us and He wants us to do our best to serve Him.

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