Thursday, June 26, 2014

Jesus Sunday School Lesson - Jesus Drives out a Demon and Heals a Sick Woman

Use this Jesus Sunday School lesson to teach kids about Jesus' power.

Needed: Bibles

Lesson: (Note: Always allow students enough time to think about and answer the questions before clarifying the teaching.)

(Have students take turns reading Luke 4:31-34, or read it yourself if your students aren’t old enough.)
In the synagogue, what they called a church back then, there was a man with an evil spirit inside of him. What is an evil spirit?

An evil spirit is a demon. A demon is a bad spirit that works for the devil and tries to get people to do bad things. It can even get inside of someone who doesn’t believe in God and take control of them. An evil spirit can’t get inside of someone who does believe in God because if you believe in God, you have the Holy Spirit living inside of you and the Holy Spirit protects you from the demons. But the man in the story had a demon living inside him.

(Have another student read Luke 4:35, or read it yourself.)

What did Jesus do to the evil spirit? (He made it come out of the man.)

And one day, when Jesus comes back, He will make all of the demons go to Hell and stay there so that they won’t be able to bother anyone ever again.

(Have students take turns reading Luke 4:36-39, or read it yourself.)

Simon’s (that’s Peter’s) mother-in-law was sick in bed. She had a fever and Jesus’ disciples asked Him to help her. What did Jesus do? (He made her better so that she wasn’t sick anymore.)

After she felt better, what did she do? (She waited on them, probably cooking them some dinner or something.)

That shows us what we should do. When Jesus helped the woman, she was so thankful to Jesus for helping her that she wanted to do something for Him. Since Jesus helps us, by forgiving us for our sins and answering our prayers, we should be thankful to Him and should do things for Him too, like doing the right things that God wants us to and not sinning, and helping other people.

(Have students take turns reading Luke 4:40-44, or read it yourself.)

The story says that Jesus went off early in the morning by Himself. What do you think He was doing by Himself?

The Bible doesn’t say, but I think Jesus was taking some time to be alone with God, and to pray to God.

Do you take time to pray to God?

When do you pray? 

You should all take a little bit of time everyday to pray to God. 

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