Monday, June 16, 2014

Jesus Heals Ten Lepers Sunday School Lesson

Use this Jesus Heals Ten Lepers Sunday School lesson to teach students about giving thanks to God.

Needed: Bibles

Lesson: (Note: Always allow students enough time to think about and to give their answers to the questions before clarifying the teaching.)
Ask students, Who is someone that you like to do thing with? (Mom, Dad, friend, grandma, grandpa, big brother or sister, etc.)

Now I want you to think of a time that you were sick and didn’t feel good.

(Have students take turns reading Luke 17:11-19, read it yourself, or summarize it with the following story.)

Summary Story:

A long time ago, when Jesus was a man on earth, ten men caught a disease. They were really sick. The disease made ugly, hurtful spots on their skin, and they couldn’t be around anyone. They couldn’t be with their mom or dad or brother or sister or grandma or grandpa or their friends, because if they got close to people, those people might catch the disease too. The disease was called leprosy. And the people who had it had to live out in the desert by themselves and they were very sad because they didn’t feel good and they couldn’t be around anyone.

But one day, Jesus met ten men out in the desert who had leprosy. And He healed them! He just told them to go the church and show themselves to the priests and they would be all better. And that’s what happened. As the ten men started walking to the church, their disease suddenly vanished. The leprosy went away and they were all better.

Now I want you to think, If you were one of those ten men and you had been sick and not able to see your family for a long time, what is the first thing you would do when you saw that you were better?

All of the men went off. We’re not sure where they went. Maybe they went to see their families. Maybe they went to do something else. All of the men except one. One man came running back to Jesus and fell down, kneeling at Jesus’ feet, and thanked Jesus.

Jesus was proud of that man because the man thanked Him. But Jesus was sad that the other men didn’t come back to thank Him.

Review Questions:

What was the good thing that one of the sick men did in the story? (He came back and thanked Jesus for making him better.)

Do you think Jesus likes it when we thank Him for things? (Yes.)

What are some things that you can thank Jesus for? (Giving you your family, dying on the cross for you, loving you, etc.)

So when something good happens to you, always remember to thank God and Jesus for that good thing, and that make will Jesus happy.

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