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Jesus Heals a Man Born Blind Sunday School Lesson

Use this Jesus Heals a Man Born Blind Sunday School lesson to teach children about Jesus' healing of the blind man.

Needed: Bibles, (optional – volunteer to play blind man. You can do this yourself if you want.)

Lesson: (Note: Always allow students enough time to think about and to give their answers to the questions before clarifying the teaching.)

(Have students take turns reading John chapter 9, read it yourself, or summarize it with the following script.)

Summary Story:

Blind Man: Hi, everyone! I want to tell you about the time I met Jesus. I was a blind man. I had always been blind, even when I was first born. One day, Jesus and His disciples were walking along and they saw me. Jesus’ disciples asked Him what bad thing I had done, or what bad thing my parents had done, for God to make me blind like that. But Jesus said I wasn’t blind because God was punishing me. I was blind because God wanted to do a miracle for me!

Then Jesus spit on the dirt, made some mud, and then put the mud on my eyes. “Go wash off ,” He told me, and when I washed the mud off, I could see! I wasn’t blind anymore.

I went home and all of my neighbors were amazed that I could see. I told them that Jesus did it and then they took me to the Pharisees so I could tell them too. But the Pharisees said Jesus was bad because He had healed me on the Sabbath and we’re not supposed to work on the Sabbath. We’re just supposed to go to church and rest. They said I was lying because they didn’t think Jesus was a good man and that He could heal me like He did.

The Pharisees made my parents come talk to them, but my parents didn’t know what to say. They didn’t want to tell the Pharisees that Jesus healed me because the Pharisees said they would kick anyone out of the church if they believed in Jesus.

I told the Pharisees again that Jesus must be a good man from God for God to give Him the power to heal me, but they still didn’t believe me and kicked me out of the church.

A little while later, Jesus came and found me again. He asked me if I believed in Him. I said that I did and then I bowed down and worshipped Him. The He said that my eyes had been blind, but that it was the Pharisees who couldn’t see the truth because they were the ones who wouldn’t believe in Him like God wanted them to.

Do you all believe in Jesus?

That’s good. Because Jesus said that if we believe in Him, then God forgives us for the wrong things we’ve done.

Well, goodbye!

(Have students thank the blind man for coming.)

Review Questions:

How long had the man been blind? (His whole life, since he was born.)

Why did God make the man to be born blind? (So that God could do a miracle and make the man see.)

God doesn’t usually decide who’s going to blind or have other problems – those things just happen – but this time, God made the man be born blind so that Jesus could do this miracle for him.

What did the Pharisees do to the man because He believed in Jesus? (They kicked him out of church.)

It was against the law back then to believe in Jesus, and in some countries, it’s still against the law to believe in Jesus. People get put in jail and even killed if they believe in Jesus. But the man was brave to believe in Jesus anyway, even if he did get in trouble and get kicked out of the church because of it.

What did Jesus say we had to do for God to forgive us for our sins? (We have to believe in Jesus.)

Game: Pass it On – Have students sit in a line or a circle, holding hands with the person next to them. Have them all close their eyes. The leader should be on the end with their own eyes open. The leader will squeeze the hand of the person next to them. That person will open their eyes and then squeeze the hand of the third person. So when a person feels their hand being squeezed, they should open their eyes and then pass the squeeze on. The goal of the game is for everyone to open their eyes, going down the line or around the circle, as fast as possible. Play a couple of times to get your speed up. Feel free to rotate who starts the line or circle.  

Tell students, When we believe in Jesus, it’s like our eyes are being opened an d we can see the truth. And if we believe in Jesus and can see the truth, then it’s our job to tell other people about Jesus so they can believe in Jesus and see the truth too, just like how we passed our hand squeeze down the line today.

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