Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Jesus Heals a Blind Man Sunday School Lesson

Use this Jesus Heals a Blind Man Sunday School lesson to teach kids about how Jesus helps us with our problems.

Needed: Bibles

Lesson: (Note: Always allow students enough time to think about and to give their answers to the questions before clarifying the teaching.)

Ask students, When we believe in Jesus, does that make all of our problems go away?

What if God did something for us and answered one of our prayers – would that mean that God was answering all of our prayers?

(Have students take turns reading Mark 8:22-26, or read it yourself.)

How many times did Jesus have to touch the man’s eyes before he could see perfectly? (Twice.)

Jesus touched the man’s eyes once and he could see a little better, but he said that people looked like trees. Then Jesus touched his eyes again and he could see perfectly.

Jesus didn’t heal the man completely the first time Jesus touched him. Jesus touched him twice. That’s like how sometimes God doesn’t make all of our problems go away at once. Sometimes God helps things get a little bit better, but then He waits to make them all the way better. Or sometimes God will do one thing that we asked Him to do, but then He’ll wait a little while before He does the other thing we asked Him to do.

So remember, God usually doesn’t take away all of our problems at once. He does it little by little and sometimes it takes a long time for God to help us with everything we need help with, but He will eventually help us. We just have to be patient.

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