Thursday, June 26, 2014

Jesus Drives Out the Demons Sunday School Lesson

Use this Jesus Drives Out the Demons Sunday School lesson to tell the story about Jesus driving out the demons and sending them into the herd of pigs.

Needed: Bibles, vinegar, red cabbage juice, yellow ammonia, glass

Lesson: (Note: Always allow students enough time to think about and to give their answers to the questions before clarifying the teaching.)

Pour 25ml of clear vinegar into a glass. Tell students, Today, we’re going to pretend that this glass is your body. And we’re going to pretend that the liquid inside is your soul.

We’re going to read a story today about a man who was possessed by a demon. That means a demon went into his body (pour 25ml of red cabbage juice into glass) with his soul and made the man turn dark on the inside.

But then Jesus came and healed the man! (Pour ammonia in to fill up the rest of the glass.) The man believed in Jesus and invited God to come into His life. The green color you see is because when we invite God to come int our life, He makes our souls healthy and alive, like the grass that grows outside.

(Have a student read Matthew 8:28, or read it yourself.)

The two men were possessed by demons. What is a demon? (An evil spirit.)

So an evil spirit went inside both of these men and made them go crazy and do bad things. Can a demon go inside of anybody they want to? (No.)

Demons can only go into people who don’t believe in God. God protects His followers from demons. God’s followers can’t have demons inside them because the Holy Spirit is living inside of them and the Holy Spirit doesn’t let any demons come into you.

(Have a student read Matthew 8:29, or read it yourself.)

Were these demons afraid of Jesus? (Yes.)

They asked Jesus if He was going to torture them. The demons are afraid of Jesus because they know that when Jesus comes back, He will send all of the demons to Hell and not let bother people or go inside people anymore.

(Have students take turns reading Matthew 8:30-32, or read it yourself.)

Jesus told the demons to come out of the men. What did the demons want to do? (They wanted to go inside some pigs.)

And Jesus told them they could go inside the pigs. Why do you think Jesus let the demons go into the pigs? (The demons asked and Jesus was nice to them. Jesus can even be nice to the demons if He wants to be.)

But then the demons made the pigs go crazy and run off the cliff.

(Have students take turns reading Matthew 8:33-34, or read it yourself.)

After Jesus made the demons leave the two men, it says that the people who lived in that town all asked Jesus to leave. Why do you think they asked Him to leave? (They were probably afraid of Him since He was so powerful that He could even make the demons listen to Him.)

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