Monday, June 2, 2014

Jesus Clears the Temple Sunday School Lesson

Use this Jesus Clears the Temple Sunday School lesson to tell children about the sanctity of God's House.

Needed: Bibles

Lesson: (Note: Always allow students enough time to think about and answer the questions before clarifying the teaching.)

Ask students, Why do people come to church? (Write the students’ answers on the board. Accept any answers they give. Examples could include learning about God, worshiping, doing a mission project, having fun activities or meals, etc.)

Are we supposed to be serious when we’re in church? Yes, when it’s time for the church service or when it’s time to do a lesson.

Can we ever have fun at church? Yes, when we’re not doing serious things.

There was a time when people were doing the wrong things in church and it made Jesus very angry.

(Have students take turns reading John 2:13-17.)

It says that Jesus made a whip and started turning tables over and telling everyone to get out of the church, or the Temple. Why was Jesus so mad? What were the people doing? People were selling things in the church. People were using the church for the wrong thing. They were trying to make money instead of praying or worshiping God or doing any of the other things that we’re supposed to do in church. It was like they were using the church as a store instead of a church. We give money to the church, but the church isn’t supposed to be about making money.

What do you think about Jesus getting mad? Is it okay for us to get mad sometimes? It’s okay to get mad. Jesus was perfect and even He got mad. It just depends on what you get mad about. If you get mad because somebody is doing something wrong, that’s okay. It also depends on what you do when you’re mad. You’re not allowed to beat people up when you’re mad or call them names. Jesus didn’t hurt anyone when He got mad, He just scared them and messed up their things. So you are allowed to let people know that you’re mad at them, but you have to control your temper, too.

So remember, we have to use the church only for the right reasons and if we get mad at someone, we have to make sure we’re getting mad for the right reasons and we have to control our temper and not hit that person.

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