Thursday, June 26, 2014

Jesus Baptism Sunday School Lesson

Use this Jesus Baptism Sunday School lesson to teach children the meaning of baptism.

Needed: Bibles

Lesson: (Note: Always allow students enough time to think about and answer the questions before clarifying the teaching.)  

Ask students, How many of you have been baptized?

Do you remember it?

What can you tell me about it?

Why do you think people get baptized?

The reason most people get baptized is to show that God has forgiven them for your sins. When they go in the water, it’s like they’re taking a bath. All their sins are being washed away and they’re clean.

But today we’re going to learn about another reason that people get baptized.

(Have a student read Matthew 3:13-14.)

Why do you think John didn’t want to baptize Jesus? John knew that Jesus was more important than he was and thought that Jesus should baptize him, instead of he baptizing Jesus.

(Have another student read Matthew 3:15.)

Jesus is telling John that Jesus needs to be baptized and he wants John to do it.

(Have another student read Matthew 3:16-17.)

We said that most people get baptized to show that God is forgiving them and washing away their sins. But do you think Jesus had any sins that He needed God to forgive Him for? Did Jesus have any sins to wash away? No. Jesus was perfect. Jesus is the only person who never did anything wrong. Jesus didn’t have any sins.

So why was Jesus being baptized? Baptism is also a way to show that someone has been given a special job to do from God.

In the Old Testament, only special people were chosen for special jobs. When a prophet was about to become a prophet, or a new king was about to take power, or when someone was becoming a priest, someone would come and pour oil on their head and that was called anointing. When someone was anointed and had the oil poured on their head, that meant that God was choosing them for that special job of prophet or king or priest.

Baptism is kind of our new way of anointing people for special jobs. Only instead of using oil, we use water. What special job do you think Jesus was chosen for when He was baptized? Jesus was chosen to teach us about God and to die on the cross. Those were His special jobs from God.

In fact, we call Him Jesus “Christ”, because “Christ” means anointed or chosen.

But God has also given us a special job. Our special job is the same as Jesus’ special job was, to teach people about God. God wants us to tell everyone about God and Jesus so that everyone can go to Heaven when they die. That’s why we call ourselves “Christians” – because we are “little Christs” or “little anointed ones” and we’ve been given the same job Jesus had.

And did you notice how it said that a dove came down and landed on Jesus after He was baptized? What do you think that dove was? That dove was the Holy Spirit coming to live in Jesus.


The Holy Spirit comes down and lives in all of us, too, if we believe in Jesus. We might not see the Holy Spirit like Jesus did, but He lives in us all the same.


So remember, when we were baptized, or when we get baptized, it’s not just to show that our sins are being washed away. It’s also to show that God is giving us the special job of telling other people about Him and Jesus. And the Holy Spirit will come and live inside us and help us to tell people about God and Jesus.

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