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Jacob and Esau Sunday School Lesson - Jacob Tricks Esau

Use this Jacob and Esau Sunday School lesson to teach kids about Jacob tricking Esau and Isaac.

Lesson: (Note: Always allow students enough time to think about and to give their answers to the questions before clarifying the teaching.)

Ask students, Has anyone ever done something wrong to you? What did they do?

Has anyone ever lied to you or tricked you?

How did that make you feel?

Well, we’ve been learning about Abraham and his family. You remember that God told Abraham to leave his country and his friends and his family and go live in the country of Canaan. Does anyone remember what promise God made to Abraham about the country of Canaan? God promised that He would give the whole country to Abraham’s children and grandchildren forever.

Then, when Abraham and his wife, Sarah, were very old, God let them have a son named Isaac. When Isaac grew up, he married a young woman named Rebekah. Today, we’re gong to learn about the time when Isaac and Rebekah had children.

Summarize Genesis 25 and 27, asking questions as you go.

Rebekah couldn’t have children for a few years after they were married, but Isaac prayed that she would have children and God eventually let Rebekah have twin boys. The first boy was named Esau and he grew up to be a big, strong hunter and was very hairy. The second boy was named Jacob and he was skinny and liked to stay at home. Isaac liked to eat the food Esau hunted so Esau was Isaac’s favorite. But Jacob was Rebekah’s favorite.

Once when Esau went out hunting for a long time, he came back home and he was very hungry. Jacob was cooking some stew and Esau said, “Jacob, give me some of that red stew you’re cooking! I’m so hungry, I’m about to die.”

Jacob said, “Okay, but first you have to give me your birthright.”

What do you think a birthright is? The birthright is the privilege that the oldest child in a family gets. When the parents in a family died, the oldest child inherited most of the money and became the leader of the family.

Do you think Jacob should have asked for Esau’s birthright?

What should Jacob have done instead? He should have just let Esau have some food if he was hungry. God wants us to help each other without being greedy for something in return.

But Esau said, “You can have the birthright. Just give me some food. I’m about to die.” So Esau gave Jacob his birthright and Jacob gave him some stew.

A few years later, Isaac was very old and he was blind. “Esau!” he called.

Esau came and said, “Here I am father.”

“Esau,” Isaac said, “go hunt me some food and I will bless you before I die.”

So Esau went hunting, but Rebekah called Jacob to her and said, “Put some of Esau’s clothes on and cook some food for your father and go in and act like you’re Esau so your father will bless you instead of Esau. Your father won’t know that you’re not Esau because he is blind and can’t see who you really are.”

“But what if my father touches me?” Jacob asked. “Esau is hairy and I’m not. If my father touches me and feels that I’m not hairy, he’ll know that I’m trying to trick him and he will curse me instead of blessing me.”

So Rebekah put goat hair on Jacob’s hands and on his neck so that he would feel hairy and would trick Isaac.

Do you think Jacob should try to trick Isaac?

Do you think the trick will work?

Jacob went in and gave Isaac the food he had made. “I hunted this food for you, father,” Jacob lied. “Now please give me your blessing.”

“How did you hunt the food so quickly?” Isaac asked.

“God helped me find it,” Jacob answered.

“Come here and let me touch you,” Isaac said. Jacob let his father touch his hands and Isaac said, “You sound like Jacob, but you feel hairy like Esau. I guess you really are Esau.” Then Isaac said, “Here is my blessing for you: God will give you lots of food and you will be the ruler of your brothers.”

Then Jacob left and Esau came in. “I’m back, father,” Esau said. “I hunted you some food and now you can give me your blessing.”

Then Isaac realized what had happened. “Your brother came,” Isaac said, “and tricked me. I already gave him the blessing. I gave him lots of food and made him ruler over all his brothers.”

“What about me?” Esau cried. “Bless me, too!”

Then Isaac said, “Jacob will be your ruler, but eventually you will break free from him.”

Esau went back out and said, “Jacob has done two things wrong to me. He took my birthright when I was so hungry and now he’s stolen my blessing, too. When my father, Isaac, dies, I will kill my brother, Jacob, for what he has done to me.”

Rebekah heard Esau say that he was going to kill Jacob so Rebekah went and told Jacob, “You have to run away from here because Esau is going to kill you.” So Jacob ran away from home.

Why did Jacob have to run away? Because he did so many mean things to his brother, Esau, that Esau wanted to kill him.

We’ll learn what happened next with Jacob and Esau next week.

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