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Isaac Sunday School Lesson - Isaac's Wells

Use this Isaac Sunday School lesson to teach kids how to be peacemakers.

Lesson: (Note: Always allow students enough time to think about and to give their answers to the questions before clarifying the teaching.)

Ask students, What would you do if someone else had something that you wanted? Would you try to steal that thing from them? Would you be mad at them because they had that thing? Would you be mean to them?

What would you do if you had something that someone else wanted and they tried to take it from you? What would you do if they were being mean to you because you had that thing?

Well, we’ve been learning about Abraham and his family. You remember that God told Abraham to leave his country and his friends and his family and go live in the country of Canaan. Does anyone remember what promise God made to Abraham about the country of Canaan? God promised that He would give the whole country to Abraham’s children and grandchildren forever.

Then, when Abraham and his wife, Sarah, were very old, God let them have a son named Isaac. When Isaac grew up, he married a young woman named Rebekah. Today, we’re gong to learn about a time when someone did something wrong to Isaac and what Isaac did about it.

Summarize Genesis 26, asking questions as you go.

Isaac planted his farm and when his crops grew, God gave him a hundred times what he planted! God blessed Isaac and gave him so many crops and animals and servants, that Isaac became very rich. His neighbors saw how rich Isaac was and they became jealous of him. They wished that they were as rich as he was.

So Isaac’s neighbors were angry with him and came and filled in all of Isaac’s wells. All the places where Isaac had dug holes to get water out of the earth, his neighbors filled back in with dirt so that he couldn’t get water anymore.

What do you think Isaac should do about his neighbors filling in his wells?

Isaac didn’t want to fight with his neighbors so he moved away from them and dug different wells to get his water. But then his new neighbors fought with him and said that the wells he dug were theirs.

What do you think Isaac should do about his neighbors saying that his wells were theirs?

Isaac didn’t want to fight with his neighbors so he let his neighbors have those wells and he went and dug different ones. But his neighbors said that those wells were theirs too.

So because Isaac didn’t want to fight with them, he moved away and dug still different wells.

What do you think will happen with the wells this time?

No one fought with Isaac about these wells so Isaac thanked God for giving him peace from his neighbors. Then God said, “Isaac, I am with you. I will bless you and give you many children and grandchildren.”

Do you think Isaac did the right thing by not fighting with his neighbors? Isaac did do the right thing. Instead of fighting about things, he moved on and God blessed him for it. God gave him a well that no one fought about over and said that he would give Isaac lots of children and grandchildren. God wants us to not fight with other people, too. If we don’t fight against people, then God will be happy with us and will reward us.

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