Thursday, June 19, 2014

Growing in God - Parable of the Sower Sunday School Lesson

Use this Parable of the Sower Sunday School lesson to teach students about how to grow spiritually.

Needed: Bibles, seeds, dirt, (optional – planting pots for each student)

Lesson: (Note: Always allow students enough time to think about and to give their answers to the questions before clarifying the teaching.)

Before starting, go outside and clear a small patch of ground from grass, or bring in planting pots for each student.

Take children outside. Give them each a handful of seeds.

Tell students, Jesus told a story once about planting seeds. When we plant seeds, we want them to grow into plants, but sometimes seeds don’t grow.

Let’s take our seeds over to the sidewalk. Everyone put a couple of seeds down on the sidewalk…Good. Now, do you think those seeds will grow on the sidewalk? (No.)

What could happen to those seeds to make them not grow on the sidewalk?

People could step on them and ruin them. Birds or other animals could come up eat them. Also, there’s no dirt on the sidewalk for the seeds to grow in.

Well, then let’s take our seeds down the sidewalk a little bit and here, I’ll pour a little dirt on the sidewalk over here (pour a thin layer). Now everyone put a couple of your seeds in the dirt…Good. Now do you think our seeds will grow?

They might grow a little bit, but there’s still not very much dirt so our seeds won’t be able to make strong roots that go very far down into the ground. I don’t think our seeds will do very good here.

Let’s go somewhere else. (Take students to the base of a tree or to some bushes.) What would happen if we put our seeds here? Would our seeds grow very well?

I think our seeds wouldn’t grow very well because there are already some plants here.

What if we went over here? (Take students to cleared area or to your planting pots.)  What if we planted our seeds here? Then would they grow?

Yes, they would grow because they have a lot of good dirt here and there’s nothing else around to bother them.

Jesus said that our seeds are kind of like the truth about God. Lots of people hear about God, but not everyone believes in Him. Do you remember how we planted some seeds on the sidewalk without any dirt, and we said that birds or other animals could come eat them and take them away? Jesus said that sometimes when people hear the truth about God, the devil comes and makes them not want to pay attention to God, just like birds that steal the seeds away.

Then we tried to plant seeds on the sidewalk with just a little bit of dirt. We knew that wouldn’t work because the seeds have to grow roots that go far down into the ground if we want them to be healthy. Jesus said that’s like people who believe in God, but never go to church or try to learn anything more about God. They don’t have good roots so they don’t believe in God for very long.

Then we tried to plant our seeds where there was already something growing. Our seeds wouldn’t do very well there because that spot was too busy already. Jesus said that would be like trying to believe in God, but never making any time for Him, like you’re too busy for God.

But now we found a spot where we can plant our seeds and they will do well. Everyone plant your seeds in the dirt here.

Jesus said that if you want to be like good dirt and have the seed of God’s truth grow in your lives, then you have to make sure that the devil doesn’t make you forget about God, and you have to make sure that you’re spending time with God and learning more about Him so that God’s truth can make good roots in your life.

What are some things we can do to spend time with God and learn more about Him? (Read your Bible, pray, go to church, etc.)

And Jesus said that if you will do those things and let God’s truth grow in your life, then you can start telling other people about God’s truth and maybe they will start to let God’s truth grow in their lives because you told them. It’s like when a seed grows up into a plant, it makes more seeds. When you learn about God, it’s like you’re growing up to be a big plant for God and you can give your seeds, what you know about God, to other people so that they can learn too.

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