Friday, June 27, 2014

Good Event Cards in the Christian Card Game, Alpha/Omega

alpha-omega-christian-card-gameIn the Christian trading card game, Alpha/Omega, there are different types of cards, one of which is the Good Event. The Good Event cards are marked with the scroll symbol in the upper right corner.
With no strength ratings, the Good Event cards are unable to be attacked or defeated. They are events that simply happen. Most Good Event cards will last for a full round, but some will be single events or last more rounds, which will be indicated on the card.

Offensive Good Event Cards
The majority of the Good Event cards in this Christian trading card game are offensive in nature. That is, they either deal damage, allow the Good players to cause more damage, or have another negative effect on the Opponent. 

The Good Event Christian trading cards that cause direct damage to the Opponent include the following, and can be played when you need to do the most damage (parentheses indicate how many of each Christian trading card there are in each starter deck):

  • Holy Trinity (1) Deals 15 damage to any number of cards from the Opponent deck
  • Throne of Heaven (1) Banishes all Opponent persons that are in play (immediate)
  • Banished (2) Allows player to discard any 1 Fallen Angel
  • Unseated Hills (3) Destroys either all Opponent cards in play, or destroys Hail of Iron Globes

The Good Event cards that you will want to keep for times when you need to either buy time or look ahead in order to strategize include the following Christian trading cards:

  • Crystal Sea (1) Skip Opponent actions for 1 round, look at the top 5 Opponent cards
  • Called to Account (2) 1 Fallen Angel loses 1 turn
  • Justice (2) 1 Good Person can either attack twice, or cause double damage for 1 attack
  • Hope (2) Peek at your partner’s top 5 cards, and immediately play one of them

Defensive Good Event Cards
The other type of Good Event cards are the cards that will help you to ward off evil. In other words, the following Christian trading cards are Good Event cards that will give you defensive bonuses, protecting your cards for a short time:

  • Faith (2) Expels an attack against 1 Good Person
  • Courage (2) 1 Good Person is immune to Lure Astray
  • Loyalty (2) Protects 1 Good Person from Lure Astray for 1 round
  • Love (2) For 1 round, doubles 1 Good Person’s strength, and makes them immune to Lure Astray

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