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Gideon Sunday School Lesson for Kids

Use this Gideon Sunday School lesson for kids to teach children about the judge Gideon.


Needed: Bibles

Lesson: (Note: Always allow students enough time to think about and answer the questions before clarifying the teaching.)

(Summarize Judges 6:1-32, asking questions as you read.)

The people of Israel sinned against God again.

How does it make God feel when we sin and do things that are wrong? It makes God feel sad and angry when we do wrong things.

 So because the Israelites sinned against God, God punished the Israelites by letting the Midianites conquer them for seven years. The Midianites stole all of the Israelites’ food and took over all their houses so that the Israelites had to go live in caves. The Israelites were so upset about everything that the Midianites were doing to them that they cried out and asked God for help.

Then God sent the Israelites a prophet and God told the prophet to say, “I am the one who brought you up out Egypt where you were slaves. I am the one who saved you from all your enemies and gave you this country of Israel. I told you that you were supposed to worship Me and not any of the fake gods, but you have not listened to Me. You have sinned and done what is wrong.”

Then God sent His angel to talk to a man named Gideon. Gideon was out in his field and the angel said, “God is with you, mighty warrior.”

But Gideon said, “Excuse me, but if God is with us, then why has He let Midian do all this bad stuff to us? Why doesn’t God help us like He did when He brought our grandparents out of Egypt?”

The angel said to Gideon, “Go fight the Midianites. God is sending you to do it.”

What would you do if God told you to go fight the Midianites?

Would you be afraid to go fight the Midianites?

Gideon said, “I can’t go fight the Midianites. I’m not strong enough.”

Then the angel said, “God will be with you and will help you. He will make it so that you will win the battle.”

Did you know that God can help us do anything? We might not feel like we’re good enough or strong enough to do something, but if God is with us, then He can help us do anything.

Then Gideon said, “I want to be sure that this is really an angel of God talking to me. Stay here until I come back and bring you an offering.”

Why did Gideon want to give the angel an offering? Gideon wanted to give an offering to the angel to thank God. When God promises us something or when God does something for us, we should always remember to thank Him for it.

“I’ll stay here and wait for you,” the angel said.

Then Gideon ran to his house and made some food for the angel. He brought it back and set the food down on a rock. Then the angel touched the food with his staff and made fire come out of the rock and burn up all the food. Then the angel disappeared and Gideon knew that it really was an angel who had been talking to him.

Gideon’s father was one of the Israelites who was sinning against God and worshipping fake gods. That night, God told Gideon to go break down his father’s statues of the fake gods and to build a place for worshipping the real God.

Gideon was afraid to do it when everyone would see him so he went at night and broke his father’s statues to the fake gods and built a place for worshipping the real God. In the morning, everyone woke up and saw what Gideon had done. They knew it was Gideon and they were about to kill him, but his father said, “Wait! Gideon broke the statues of the fake gods. Let the fake gods punish him, if they can. If they can’t, then we’ll know that they’re not real. Then all the people agreed and decided to wait to see if the fake gods would punish Gideon for breaking down their statues.

Do you think the fake gods will punish Gideon for breaking down their statues? No, the fake gods can’t punish Gideon because they’re not real. They don’t exist. Fake gods can’t do anything if they’re not real.

So remember, God can help us do anything. We should always thank God when He does something for us. And God is the only real God. There are no other gods.
We’ll learn next week about how God helped Gideon win the battle against the Midianites.

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